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RxFlow - RxFlow is a navigation framework for iOS applications based on a Reactive Flow Coordinator pattern

  •    Swift

RxFlow is a navigation framework for iOS applications based on a Flow Coordinator pattern. This README is a short story of the whole conception process that led me to this framework.

RxCoordinator - 🎌 Reactive navigation library for iOS based on the coordinator pattern

  •    Swift

“How does an app transition from a ViewController to another?”. This question is common and puzzling regarding iOS development. There are many answers, as every architecture has different implementation variations. Some do it from the view controller, while some do it using a router/coordinator, which is an object that connects view models. Setup the root view controller in the AppDelegate.

Coordinator-MVVM-Rx-Example - Example of MVVM-C architecture implemented with RxSwift

  •    Swift

This simple app displays a list of the most starred repositories on GitHub by a language. User can choose a language to filter repositories and select repository in the list to open it in the SFSafariViewController. App is written with Xcode 8 and Swift 3.

postgres-xl-docker - Docker image source for Postgres-XL, the scalable open-source PostgreSQL-based database cluster

  •    Shell

Postgres-XL Docker is a Docker image source for Postgres-XL, the scalable open-source PostgreSQL-based database cluster. The images are based on CentOS. The images allow for arbitrary database cluster topologies, allowing GTM, GTM Proxy, Coordinator, and Datanode nodes to be created and added as desired. Each service runs in its own container, communicating over a backend network. Coordinator nodes also connect to a frontend network.

kompass - A powerful router for Android, written in Kotlin

  •    Kotlin

πŸ›ΆοΈ KompassShip is the entity which can route to a certain Destination. This might represent a certain area of your activity where fragments can be loaded: e.g. One Ship can route to views/fragments on the top of the screen while another Ship is able`to display content on the bottom of the screen. You can have as many ships as you want in your App.

awesome-blogs-android - μ–΄μΈλΈ”λ‘œκ·Έ ・ 개발 λΈ”λ‘œκ·Έ λͺ¨μŒ ・ 개발 μž‘λ•λ“€μ„ μœ„ν•œ 본격 고퀄리티 개발 λΈ”λ‘œκ·Έ νλ ˆμ΄μ…˜ μ„œλΉ„μŠ€ πŸ•΅οΈ‍♀️

  •    Java

μ•ˆλ“œλ‘œμ΄λ“œ μŠ€νŠœλ””μ˜€μ˜ Build Variants μ„€μ •μ—μ„œ app λͺ¨λ“ˆμ„ productionDebug λ˜λŠ” stagingDebug둜 μ„€μ •ν•œ ν›„ λΉŒλ“œν•  수 μžˆμŠ΅λ‹ˆλ‹€. ν’€ λ¦¬ν€˜μŠ€νŠΈ μ‹œ, μ½”λ“œ μŠ€νƒ€μΌμ΄ λ§žμ§€ μ•Šμ•„μ„œ μ½”λ“œκ°€ λ³€κ²½λ˜λŠ” 뢀뢄을 ν”Όν•˜λ €λ©΄ Preferences > Code Style > Javaμ—μ„œ λ‹€μŒ 뢀뢄을 μˆ˜μ •ν•˜μ„Έμš”. μ’€ 더 κ°„νŽΈν•œ 방법은 루트 디렉토리에 μžˆλŠ” code-style.xml을 μž„ν¬νŠΈ ν•˜λŠ” κ²ƒμž…λ‹ˆλ‹€.

Imperio - Keep the screen flow and data handling logic out of your view controllers – let them handle view-stuff only

  •    Swift

The goal of this library is to keep view controllers lean & make them easily testable by getting screen flow and other responsibilities out of them. Instead flow controllers are used to handle screen flow and trigger changes in the view, which the view controller handles. Pattern wise this approach combines ideas from MVC, MVP, MVVM, VIPER & Lotus. Installing via Carthage & CocoaPods are both supported.