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cooking - πŸ‘¨‍🍳 ζ›΄ζ˜“δΈŠζ‰‹ηš„ε‰η«―ζž„ε»Ίε·₯ε…·

  •    Javascript

Hit Gitter if you come across any problem while using cooking. Issues are only for bug reports and feature requests.

recipes - Anthony's collection of cooking recipes


You probably came here for Chef recipes or something, but herein are actual food recipes that I have made that I like. Feel free to fork or spoon this repository. Pulled pork requests welcome.

meanrecipe - Get a consensus recipe for your next meal. :cookie: :cake:

  •    Go

Sometimes when I want a recipe to cook something new I will find several recipes for the same thing and try to use them as a guide to generate an average or "consensus" recipe. This code should make it easy to generate consensus recipes (useful!) and also show variation between recipes (interesting!). Finding a consensus recipe requires first clustering many recipes. This is because a single recipe (e.g. a recipe for brownies) might have many significant variations (e.g. brownies can have just cocoa, just chocolate, or both). This code will first cluster recipes and then use the clusters to deliver the consensus recipe.

pesto - Cooking recipe description language

  •    Haskell

Pesto is a text-based human-editable and machine-transformable cooking recipe interchange format. This specification is work-in-progress and thus neither stable, consistent or complete.

docker-dnsmasq - My dnsmasq brings all the boys to the yard, and they're like, it's smaller than yours!


dnsmasq requires NET_ADMIN capabilities to run correctly. Start it with something like docker run -p 53:53/tcp -p 53:53/udp --cap-add=NET_ADMIN andyshinn/dnsmasq:2.75. As this is a very barebones entrypoint with just enough to run in the foreground, there is no logging enabled by default. To send logging to stdout you can add --log-facility=- as an option.

ratatouille - A Node.js wrapper for scraping allrecipes.com

  •    Javascript

ratatouille is a Node.js scrapper for allrecipes.com. It allows you to extract basic information about a recipe, the ingredients required, and the steps involved.

recipes - Version control: it's what's for dinner.


Version control: it's what's for dinner.

ingredients - Extract recipe ingredients from any recipe website on the internet.

  •    Go

This is a Golang library for ingredient tagging and extraction for any recipe on the internet. This library compartmentalizes and improves aspects of recipe extraction that I did previously with schollz/meanrecipe and schollz/extract_recipe. You can use it online, just do GET https://ingredients.schollz.now.sh/?url=X where X is a URL to a recipe website.

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