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Silverlight Contrib

  •    Silverlight

Silverlight Contrib is a collection of Silverlight Controls and API enhancements, and productivity tools built for and by the Silverlight developer community.

ECO contrib

  •    DotNet

ECO ist a excellent framework for domain driven design developed by CapableObjects AB. Share your additional features in this contrib project.

patterns & practices: Smart Client Contrib


Community contributed extensions and providers for Smart Client development

MVC Contrib for Business Applications

  •    DotNet

MVC Contrib for Business Application is a collection of libraries and helpers focused on Business Applications based on ExtJS (using a fluent syntax) connected with server side technologies as Astoria, WCF Rest, etc.

Patterns & Practices: Composite WPF Contrib

  •    WPF

Composite WPF Contrib contains community extensions to the patterns & practices Prism project

xUnit.net Contrib

  •    Silverlight

Public contributions for the xUnit.net project.

C# Command Line Parser (CmdLine)

  •    CSharp

This is a small strongly typed command line parser for C# applications.

Unity Community Contributions


A project dedicated to the community contributions for Unity, the Microsoft Patterns and Practices dependency injection framework.

MSBuild Contrib


MSBuild contrib is the project for tasks and tools that aren't part of the main MSBuild release.

patterns & practices: Enterprise Library Contrib


Enterprise Library Contrib is a community developed library of extensions to the patterns & practices Enterprise Library.

ColorPicker AJAX Extender


ColorPicker is an ASP.NET AJAX extender that can be attached to any ASP.NET TextBox control. It provides client-side color-picking functionality with UI in a popup control. You can interact with the ColorPicker by clicking on a colored area to set a color. It requires a binary...

patterns & practices: Web Client Software Factory Contrib

  •    ASPNET

Community contributions of extensions and providers for the Web Client Software Factory

doc.clever-cloud.com - Clever Cloud documentation website available on doc.clever-cloud.com


In this repo you will find all the content from the Clever Cloud Doc. As this documentation is open for content contribution, any helpful pull-request will be merged.

lodash-extras - An opinionated lodash mod with extras

  •    Javascript

Follow the below instructions, depending on your runtime environment (client/server). After which, the _ (lodash) object will have been modified with the "extras" included in this project. This project depends on lodash being loaded first. Then simply download, or install this package via bower. After which, you'll need to source both projects in your web application.

node-frida-contrib - frida utility-belt

  •    Javascript

A collection of utilities that use frida. For setting up Frida on your jailbroken iOS device via Cydia, check out the instructions. You'll want to have installed Frida version >= 4.4.0 installed on the device.

react-blessed-contrib - A wrapper for blessed-contrib widgets to be rendered with react-blessed.

  •    Javascript

A wrapper for blessed-contrib widgets to be rendered with react-blessed. Import components and render with React. You can mix them with native react-blessed components. Most components can be used directly as shown in the example. Refer to following sections to see how to use layout components like Grid and Carousel.