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turf - A modular geospatial engine written in JavaScript

Turf is a JavaScript library for spatial analysis. It includes traditional spatial operations, helper functions for creating GeoJSON data, and data classification and statistics tools. Turf can be added to your website as a client-side plugin, or you can run Turf server-side with Node.js (see below).Download the minified file, and include it in a script tag. This will expose a global variable named turf.

mesh-heightmap-contours - Given a heightmap, generate a "contoured" terrain mesh

heightmap is a 2D ndarray representing the heightmap. Its size ("shape") will determine the resolution of the final output.Returns a simplicial complex.

haar-tree-3d - 3D Wavelet Rasterization

Fills holes in meshes, interpolates point clouds, adaptively contours octrees, voxelization and much more

shape2d-triangulate - triangulates a list of shape2d polygons

Takes a single Shape or a list of Shapes (from shape2d) and triangulates them using poly2tri. It attempts to sanitize input, removing collinear points, equal points, etc so that it works with poly2tri. It also allows for a basic list of steiner points to be included as the second parameter; they will be ignored if they are outside of the polygon's contour. If winding orders differ from the first specified Shape, they are assumed to be holes. Otherwise, subsequent Shape objects are assumed to be a completely new shape that need their own triangulation and sweep context. Each shape is assumed to be its own closed polygon (i.e. will likely break if one Shape has many moveTo's to create disconnected polygons).


The tess2.js library performs polygon boolean operations and tesselation to triangles and convex polygons. It is a port of libtess2, which is turn is a cleaned up version of the stock GLU tesselator. The original code was written Eric Veach in 1994. The greatest thing about tess2.js is that it handles all kinds of input like self-intersecting polygons or any nomber of holes and contours.