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turf - A modular geospatial engine written in JavaScript

  •    Javascript

Turf is a JavaScript library for spatial analysis. It includes traditional spatial operations, helper functions for creating GeoJSON data, and data classification and statistics tools. Turf can be added to your website as a client-side plugin, or you can run Turf server-side with Node.js (see below).Download the minified file, and include it in a script tag. This will expose a global variable named turf.

contour - Contour is a Kubernetes ingress controller using Envoy proxy.

  •    Go

Contour is an Ingress controller for Kubernetes that works by deploying the Envoy proxy as a reverse proxy and load balancer. Contour supports dynamic configuration updates out of the box while maintaining a lightweight profile. Contour also introduces a new ingress API (HTTPProxy) which is implemented via a Custom Resource Definition (CRD). Its goal is to expand upon the functionality of the Ingress API to allow for a richer user experience as well as solve shortcomings in the original design.

kURL - Production-grade, airgapped Kubernetes installer combining upstream k8s with overlays and popular components

  •    Shell

kURL is a Kubernetes installer for airgapped and online clusters. kURL relies on kubeadm to bring up the Kubernetes control plane, but there are a variety of tasks a system administrator must perform both before and after running kubeadm init in order to have a production-ready Kubernetes cluster, such as installing Docker, configuring Pod networking, or installing kubeadm itself. The purpose of this installer is to automate those tasks so that any user can deploy a Kubernetes cluster with a single script.

d3-contour - Compute contour polygons using marching squares.

  •    Javascript

Compute contour polygons using marching squares.

mesh-heightmap-contours - Given a heightmap, generate a "contoured" terrain mesh

  •    Javascript

heightmap is a 2D ndarray representing the heightmap. Its size ("shape") will determine the resolution of the final output.Returns a simplicial complex.

haar-tree-3d - 3D Wavelet Rasterization

  •    Javascript

Fills holes in meshes, interpolates point clouds, adaptively contours octrees, voxelization and much more

shape2d-triangulate - triangulates a list of shape2d polygons

  •    Javascript

Takes a single Shape or a list of Shapes (from shape2d) and triangulates them using poly2tri. It attempts to sanitize input, removing collinear points, equal points, etc so that it works with poly2tri. It also allows for a basic list of steiner points to be included as the second parameter; they will be ignored if they are outside of the polygon's contour. If winding orders differ from the first specified Shape, they are assumed to be holes. Otherwise, subsequent Shape objects are assumed to be a completely new shape that need their own triangulation and sweep context. Each shape is assumed to be its own closed polygon (i.e. will likely break if one Shape has many moveTo's to create disconnected polygons).


  •    Javascript

The tess2.js library performs polygon boolean operations and tesselation to triangles and convex polygons. It is a port of libtess2, which is turn is a cleaned up version of the stock GLU tesselator. The original code was written Eric Veach in 1994. The greatest thing about tess2.js is that it handles all kinds of input like self-intersecting polygons or any nomber of holes and contours.

contour-plus - Enhance contour for external-dns and cert-manager

  •    Go

Contour Plus enhances Contour for ExternalDNS and cert-manager. Other versions may or may not work.

gangway-dex-tutorial - Using Gangway and Dex for authenticating with your Kubernetes cluster


Using Gangway and Dex for authenticating with your Kubernetes cluster. The following diagram shows a high-level architecture of the system.

community - Contour community-related material


This is a place for Contour community related material. You can find information on the project governance, community meetings, and a list of all the project maintainers. The Contour Project holds weekly community calls. To join or watch previous meeting notes and recordings, please see meeting schedule.

contour-authserver - An Envoy-compatible authorization server.

  •    Go

contour-authserver implements the Envoy external authorization GRPC protocol (both v2 and v3). It can be used for testing Envoy external authorization. contour-authserver has two authorization backends that are selected by subcommands. testserver will authorize any path that contains the string allow, and will reject other requests with a 401 status code.

contour-operator - Experimental repository to explore an operator for deploying Contour

  •    Go

Contour Operator provides a method for packaging, deploying, and managing Contour. The operator extends the functionality of the Kubernetes API to create, configure, and manage instances of Contour on behalf of users. It builds upon the basic Kubernetes resource and controller concepts, but includes domain-specific knowledge to automate the entire lifecycle of Contour. Refer to the official Kubernetes documentation to learn more about the benefits of the operator pattern. Note: It may take several minutes for the Contour custom resource to become available.

ir2proxy - ir2proxy is a tool to convert Contour's IngressRoute resources to HTTPProxy resources.

  •    Go

ir2proxy is a tool to convert Contour's IngressRoute resources to HTTPProxy resources. ir2proxy can translate an IngressRoute object to an HTTPProxy object. The full featureset of IngressRoute should be translated correctly. If not, please log an issue, specifying what didn't work and supplying the sanitized IngressRoute YAML.

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