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jQuery-contextMenu - jQuery contextMenu plugin & polyfill

  •    HTML

$.contextMenu is a management facility for - you guessed it - context menus. It was designed for an application where there are hundreds of elements that may show a context menu - so intialization speed and memory usage are kept fairly small. It also allows to register context menus without providing actual markup, as $.contextMenu generates DOMElements as needed.have a look at the demos.

Context-Menu.iOS - You can easily add awesome animated context menu to your app.

  •    Objective-C

Copy all files from YALContextMenu folder to your xcode project. You are welcome to see the sample of the project for fully operating sample in the Example folder.



SimpleBackup makes it easier for you to backup your files and folders very quickly. You will have a new contextual menu when you right-click on files and folders to backup them. It's composed of scripts (".bat") and registry keys.

Image Scale

  •    DotNet

A small application for resizing your photos, pictures, etc. You can run this app from Start Menu or by sending selected pictures through SendTo menu. You can save resized pictures to Clipboard, local folder or FTP site.

Feed Discovery


Want to subscribe to a web page and can't find the newsfeed? Just rightclick on the page and discover! Subscribe directly in IE, Google Reader or any other.

Menu and Context Menu for Silverlight 4.0


Multilevel Silverlight 4.0 menu and context menu. The control provides ease of use and flexibility by using, as template, the standard ListBox most of us are familiar with. It supports shortcuts, keyboard navigation and can be wired to one or several elements at the same time.

Visual Studio Shell Context Menu


Shell context menu extension for Visual Studio 2010 & 2012.

Manage IE Standard Context Menu


Win Form Application for Manage (Add, Update and Remove) the IE Context menu

ng-context-menu - Originally ianwalter/ng-context-menu

  •    Javascript

An AngularJS directive to display a context menu when a right-click event is triggered

Sheeeeeeeeet - Sheeeeeeeeet is a Swift library for custom action sheets.

  •    Swift

Sheeeeeeeeet is a Swift library for creating custom action sheets. It comes with some built-in items and can be extended with custom items that are more specific to your app as well. Sheeeeeeeeet can be designed to look just like normal UIKit action sheets or way different. You can apply a global appearance to all action sheets, then override that global style with individual styles for each action sheet and item.

d3-context-menu - A plugin for d3

  •    CSS

This is a plugin for d3.js that allows you to easy use context-menus in your visualizations. It's 100% d3 based and done in the "d3 way", so you don't need to worry about including additional frameworks. See the index.htm file in the example folder to see this in action.

jquery-contextmenu-common - jQuery plugin to add common checkable menu items `checkbox` and `radio` and more features to jQuery

  •    Javascript

jQuery plugin to add common checkable menu items checkbox and radio and more features to jQuery.contextMenu. A very useful jQuery plugin jQuery.contextMenu supports text, textarea, checkbox, radio, etc., as item.type. Those allow you to embed form elements in the menu. Those may be useful in special cases, aside from whether users welcome a form that appears via right-click or not. But two types checkbox and radio are very popular UI many apps need, and behavior of those differs from that of common menu UI many apps have because those are embedded form elements. For example, those get a focus and tab-stop, a user can't make the focus move through to other menu items by pressing arrow keys. And also, those don't keep own state by itself, the states are cleared when the menu is reopened.


  •    Javascript

Component that creates a menu when the right mouse button is clicked. TOAST UI products can be used by using the package manager or downloading the source directly. However, we highly recommend using the package manager.

electron-contextmenu-middleware - Build electron context menus composing multiple middlewares functions

  •    Javascript

Build electron context menus composing multiple middlewares functions. This package born because I've published two other npm packages for electron that provide different context menu for DOM element.

vaadin-context-menu - The responsive Web Component for showing context dependent items for any element on the page

  •    HTML

<vaadin-context-menu> is a Web Component providing a contextual menu, part of the Vaadin components. The Vaadin components are distributed as Bower and npm packages. Please note that the version range is the same, as the API has not changed. You should not mix Bower and npm versions in the same application, though.

vue-lil-context-menu - A flexible context menu component for Vue

  •    Vue

A flexible context menu component for Vue. Pass it any menu template you like; it doesn't even have to be a menu. Always disappears when you expect it to by using an onblur event.

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