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react-broadcast - Reliably communicate state changes to deeply nested React elements

  •    Javascript

react-broadcast provides a reliable way for React components to propagate state changes to their descendants deep in the component hierarchy, bypassing intermediaries who return false from shouldComponentUpdate.It was originally built to solve issues that arose from using react-router together with react-redux. The router needed a safe way to communicate state changes to <Link>s deep in the component hierarchy, but react-redux relies on shouldComponentUpdate for performance. react-broadcast allows the router to work seamlessly with Redux and any other component that uses shouldComponentUpdate.

chi - Lightweight, idiomatic and composable router for building Go HTTP services

  •    Go

chi is a lightweight, idiomatic and composable router for building Go 1.7+ HTTP services. It's especially good at helping you write large REST API services that are kept maintainable as your project grows and changes. chi is built on the new context package introduced in Go 1.7 to handle signaling, cancelation and request-scoped values across a handler chain.

conditioner - 💆🏻 Frizz free, context-aware, JavaScript modules

  •    Javascript

Conditioner provides a straight forward Progressive Enhancement based solution for linking JavaScript modules to DOM elements. Modules can be linked based on contextual parameters like viewport size and element visibilty making Conditioner your perfect Responsive Design companion. Mount a component (like a Date Picker, Section Toggler or Carrousel), but only do it on wide viewports and when the user has seen it.

VideoContext - An experimental HTML5 & WebGL video composition and rendering API.

  •    Javascript

The VideoContext is an experimental HTML5/WebGL media processing and sequencing library for creating interactive and responsive videos on the web.It consist of two main components. A graph based, shader accelerated processing pipeline, and a media playback sequencing time-line.

node-continuation-local-storage - implementation of https://github.com/joyent/node/issues/5243

  •    Javascript

Continuation-local storage works like thread-local storage in threaded programming, but is based on chains of Node-style callbacks instead of threads. The standard Node convention of functions calling functions is very similar to something called "continuation-passing style" in functional programming, and the name comes from the way this module allows you to set and get values that are scoped to the lifetime of these chains of function calls. When you set values in continuation-local storage, those values are accessible until all functions called from the original function – synchronously or asynchronously – have finished executing. This includes callbacks passed to process.nextTick and the timer functions (setImmediate, setTimeout, and setInterval), as well as callbacks passed to asynchronous functions that call native functions (such as those exported from the fs, dns, zlib and crypto modules).

context-blender - Photoshop-style blend modes for HTML Canvas Contexts

  •    Javascript

Adobe® Photoshop® has a variety of helpful blend modes for compositing images from multiple RGBA layers. This small library provides the same functionality for HTML Canvas Contexts, with the goal of producing the same results as Photoshop. This will also install node-canvas, which requires a working Cairo install. See https://github.com/Automattic/node-canvas#installation for more details.

create-react-context - Polyfill for the proposed React context API

  •    Javascript

You'll need to also have react and prop-types installed. This package only "ponyfills" the React.createContext API, not other unrelated React 16+ APIs. If you are using a version of React <16, keep in mind that you can only use features available in that version.

react-contextual - 🚀 react-contextual is a small (less than 1KB) helper around React 16s new context api

  •    Javascript

Click this link for a detailed explanation. Pass a store (which stores some state and actions to update the state) to Provider. Then receive the props in the store either by using a HOC or render-props.

wiretie - A Higher Order Component for Preact that resolves (async) values from a model and passes them down as props

  •    Javascript

Wiretie is a Higher Order Component for Preact that resolves (async) values from a model and passes them down as props. It lets you wire() components up to data sources. This provides a uniform and streamlined way to write async components that avoids complex side effects within componentDidMount(), and encourages proper instantiability.

electron-context-menu - Context menu for your Electron app

  •    Javascript

Electron doesn't have a built-in context menu. You're supposed to handle that yourself. But it's both tedious and hard to get right. This module gives you a nice extensible context menu with items like Cut/Copy/Paste for text, Save Image for images, and Copy Link for links. It also adds an Inspect Element menu item when in development to quickly view items in the inspector like in Chrome.You can use this module directly in both the main and renderer process.

jquery-context - jQuery plugin: add concepts of context and event state to the jQuery event system.

  •    JQuery

jQuery plugin: add concepts of context and event state to the jQuery event system.

slacker - Slack Bot Framework

  •    Go

Built on top of the Slack API github.com/nlopes/slack with the idea to simplify the Real-Time Messaging feature to easily create Slack Bots, assign commands to them and extract parameters.Showcasing the ability to access the github.com/nlopes/slack API. In this example, we upload a file using the Slack API.

pure - :non-potable_water: Is a lightweight HTTP router that sticks to the std "net/http" implementation

  •    Go

Pure is a fast radix-tree based HTTP router that sticks to the native implementations of Go's "net/http" package; in essence, keeping the handler implementations 'pure' by using Go 1.7's "context" package.This is an interface that is used to pass request scoped variables and functions using context.Context. It is implemented in this way because retrieving values from context isn't the fastest, and so using this the router can store multiple pieces of information while reducing lookup time to a single stored RequestVars.

context-parser - HTML5 Context Parser

  •    HTML

HTML5 Context Parser is a robust and small footprint HTML5 context parser that parses HTML 5 web pages and reports the execution context of each character seen.Browsers use Javascript and CSS engine in order to construct the dynamic components of a page correctly. In order to determine which engine should be used, browsers use HTML parsing algorithm to determine the context of HTML blocks (aka tokens).

express-secure-handlebars - Express with Secure Handlebars

  •    Javascript

We enhance the express-handlebars server-side view engine by leveraging the secure-handlebars for defending against Cross-Site Scripting (XSS). Hence, web applications can be automatically secured by contextual output escaping.For more details, kindly refer to the introductions to secure-handlebars and xss-filters.

secure-handlebars - Handlebars Context Pre-compiler

  •    Javascript

Check out the latest slide deck, presented in the OWASP AppSec USA 2015.Imagine a template is written like so: <a href="{{url}}">{{url}}</a>. When it is compiled with an untrusted user data like {"url": "javascript:alert(666)"}, secure-handlebars automatically applies contextual escaping and generates the HTML <a href="x-javascript:alert(666)">javascript:alert(666)</a> as a result.

text-width - Measure the text width in browsers

  •    Javascript

A small utility for measuring the text width in browsers that support the canvas API.Install through npm and require it with browserify. It uses the ctx.measureText method for acquiring the text width.

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