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UpdateContentType atualiza os modelos de documentos utilizados por tipos de conteúdo do SharePoint a partir de documentos armazenados em uma biblioteca.

mimos - Mime database interface

  •    Javascript

Mime database interface.Mimos is a convenience class for retrieving mime information objects.

rawgithack - Serves files from github, bitbucket and gitlab, but with the correct content types

  •    HTML

This is the source code behind raw.githack.com. The idea of this service is inspired from rawgit.com (formerly rawgithub.com). I just realized that using a whole framework (node.js with express.js) for such simple thing as requests proxying is overkilling, and made same stuff using nginx only.

mediatype - An [Internet] Media Type and MIME string parser and modeler for Go

  •    Go

This library expands on the builtin "mime" package to provide a model for an "Internet Media Type" normally specified by Content-Type HTTP and MIME header fields, and as specified in RFC 2045.

typebeat - Parsing of the Content-Type header in pure OCaml

  •    OCaml

TypeBeat is a pure implementation of the parsing of the Content-Type's value (see RFC822 and RFC2045). The reason of this light library is to compute a complex rule. Indeed, it's hard to parse the value of the Content-Type, believe me. So it's a common library if you want to know the value of the Content-Type and don't worry, we respect the standard. We saved the IANA database too.

whatwg-mimetype - Parses, serializes, and manipulates MIME types, according to the WHATWG MIME Sniffing Standard

  •    Javascript

Parsing is a fairly complex process; see the specification for details (and similarly for serialization). This package's algorithms conform to those of the WHATWG MIME Sniffing Standard, and is aligned up to commit cc81ec4.

contentful-migration - 🚚 Migration tooling for contentful

  •    TypeScript

Describe and execute changes to your content model and transform entry content. This tool is currently available in Beta. Contentful provides content infrastructure for digital teams to power websites, apps, and devices. Unlike a CMS, Contentful was built to integrate with the modern software stack. It offers a central hub for structured content, powerful management and delivery APIs, and a customizable web app that enable developers and content creators to ship their products faster.

mimesniffer - A MIME type sniffer for Go.

  •    Go

A MIME type sniffer for Go. MIMESniffer implements the algorithm described at here and uses the file signatures (aka magic numbers) listed here to determine the MIME type of the given data. So it can be used as an alternative for the http.DetectContentType.

content - HTTP Content-* headers parsing

  •    Javascript

content is part of the hapi ecosystem and was designed to work seamlessly with the hapi web framework and its other components (but works great on its own or with other frameworks). If you are using a different web framework and find this module useful, check out hapi – they work even better together.

charset - Get the content charset from header and html content-type.

  •    Javascript

Get the content charset from header and html content-type. Stdout will should log: utf8 .

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