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Istio - An open platform to connect, manage, and secure microservices

  •    Go

An open platform to connect, manage, and secure microservices. Istio is an open platform for providing a uniform way to integrate microservices, manage traffic flow across microservices, enforce policies and aggregate telemetry data. Istio's control plane provides an abstraction layer over the underlying cluster management platform, such as Kubernetes, Mesos, etc.

hashi-ui - A modern user interface for @hashicorp Consul & Nomad

  •    Javascript

For Nomad, it was quite simple, no mobile-optimized, (somewhat) feature-complete and live-updating interface existed.Today the Consul and Nomad UI exist in the same binary, but do not "cross-talk" to each other, but long term goal is to integrate them even closer, so from Nomad Job UI you can see Consul health check status for the job tasks, and vice versa be able to cross-link between two otherwise distinct systems.

nomad-firehose - Firehose all nomad job, allocation, nodes and evaluations changes to rabbitmq, kinesis or stdout

  •    Go

nomad-firehose is a tool meant to enable teams to quickly build logic around nomad task events without hooking into Nomad API.The project got build artifacts for linux, darwin and windows in the GitHub releases tab.

chefconf-2017 - Demo and material for Habitat, Terraform, Nomad, and Consul from ChefConf 2017

  •    Shell

This repository contains all the materials and a rough outline for my [2017 ChefConf talk][talk] which discusses using Habitat, Terraform, and Nomad for a better application experience. This outline was written in advance of the presentation, so questions or digressions may not be captured here in the fullest.

nomad-box - Nomad Box - Simple Terraform-powered setup to Azure of clustered Consul, Nomad and Traefik Load Balancer that runs Docker/GoLang/Java workloads

  •    Shell

An opinionated multi-provider multi-region Service Platform to easily and automatically handle development, packaging, testing, deployment and operations of Docker/GoLang/Java and legacy workloads. Should provide frictionless tools to ease in all stages of the application lifecycle. Objective: Example platform designed to leverage the complete Hashicorp Suite of Products (and determine the gaps). Also as a learning exercise to compare/contrast against equivalent Kubernetes/Helm and Docker Swarm setup.

deadman-check - Monitoring companion for Nomad periodic jobs and Cron

  •    Ruby

A monitoring companion for Nomad periodic jobs that alerts if periodic isn't running at the expected interval. Run with the Nomad periodic job as an additional task to update a key in Consul with current EPOCH time and required time frequency.

nomad-service-alerter - Alerting for Nomad Jobs

  •    Go

Nomad Service Alerter is a tool written in Go, whose primary goal is to provide alerting for your services running on Nomad (https://www.nomadproject.io/). It offers configurable opt-in alerting options which you can specify in your Nomad Job manifest (json file) as Environment Variables. The Nomad Service Alerter mainly covers Consul Health-Check Alerts and Service Restart-Loops Alerts. This alert will monitor your service and alert on allocations and versions that are failing their defined consul health-checks. You will be able to set the duration threshold for which the service must remain unhealthy before alerting. The alert will include the details of all the allocations of the service which is failing the consul health check.

terraform-modules - Reusable Terraform modules

  •    HCL

Some reusable Terraform modules. This module sets up a VPC, and a Consul and Nomad cluster to allow you to run applications on.

cluster-broccoli - Self service for Nomad based on templates.

  •    Scala

Cluster Broccoli is a RESTful web service + UI to manage Nomad jobs through a self service application. Jobs are defined based on templates, allowing for a selectable amount of customization. If you want to give your end users the possibility to create new instances of live demos of your product, while allowing them to customize it (e.g. using an embedded database or an external one, number of cores, ...) - Cluster Broccoli is for you.

replicator - Automated Cluster and Job Scaling For HashiCorp Nomad

  •    Go

Replicator is a fast and highly concurrent Go daemon that provides dynamic scaling of Nomad jobs and worker nodes. Replicator job scaling policies are configured as meta parameters within the job specification. A job scaling policy allows scaling constraints to be defined per task-group. Currently supported scaling metrics are CPU and Memory; there are plans for additional metrics as well as different metric backends in the future. Details of configuring job scaling and other important information can be found on the Replicator Job Scaling wiki page.

consul-backinator - Command line Consul backup and restore utility supporting KVs, ACLs and Queries

  •    Go

Flexible Consul KV pair backup and restore tool with a few unique features including ACL token and prepared query backup and restoration. Builds currently randomly failing under travis due to issues with the consul integration tests. I'm investigating but may not have a fix anytime soon.

offensive-infrastructure - Offensive Infrastructure with Modern Technologies

  •    Shell

This repository hosts the supporting code for the "Offensive Infrastructure with Modern Technologies" blog series. Refer to the README files contained in each folder for more information.

local-hashicorp-stack - Local Hashicorp Stack for DevOps Development without Hypervisor or Cloud

  •    HCL

HashiCorp tools enable you to build/maintain multi-datacenter systems with ease. However, you usually don't have datacenters to play with. This project builds VirtualBox VMs that you can run Terraform against to play with Nomad, Consul, etc.

envoy-consul-sds - Envoy Consul Service Discovery Service

  •    Go

This tutorial is based on Kelsey Hightower's kubernetes-envoy-sds tutorial but using Consul and Nomad. envoy-consul-sds service implements the Envoy SDS API on top of Consul Health Endpoint API. envoy-consul-sds service returns a list of healthy endpoints for Envoy to use as upstream backends for a cluster. Each Consul service can be referenced in the Envoy config file by its DNS name.

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