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reqwest - browser asynchronous http requests

  •    Javascript

All over again. Includes support for xmlHttpRequest, JSONP, CORS, and CommonJS Promises A. It is also isomorphic allowing you to require('reqwest') in Node.js through the peer dependency xhr2, albeit the original intent of this library is for the browser. For a more thorough solution for Node.js, see mikeal/request.

postgraphile - Execute one command (or mount one Node

  •    TypeScript

An instant, highly-performant GraphQL API for your PostgreSQL database, extensible via a powerful plugin system. Note: v1-v3 of this project were named PostGraphQL. A v3-v4 migration guide is available here and you can check out some of the new features here. No more development is taking place on v3, but you can still access its branch here.

nodejs-driver - DataStax Node.js Driver for Apache Cassandra

  •    Javascript

A modern, feature-rich and highly tunable Node.js client library for Apache Cassandra (1.2+) using exclusively Cassandra's binary protocol and Cassandra Query Language v3.

grunt-throttle - A Grunt plugin for testing under a throttled connection.

  •    Javascript

A Grunt plugin for testing under a throttled connection. Now you can simulate a slow connection to localhost:8000 by running grunt throttle and visiting localhost:8001.

httpinvoke - A no-dependencies HTTP client library for browsers and Node

  •    Javascript

A no-dependencies HTTP client library for browsers and Node.js with a promise-based or Node.js-style callback-based API to progress events, text and binary file upload and download, partial response body, request and response headers, status code. Any one, two or three arguments can be skipped, except the url.

Sql Server Management Studio - Connection Buttons Addin


Connection Buttons helps developers to connect any data source from SSMS quickly. You set an BUTTON for a CONNECTION, then you connect it with a single click. No login Screen !!! An Addin for Sql Server Management Studio

DataBooster - Extension to ADO.NET Data Provider


The dbParallel DataBooster library is a high-performance extension to ADO.NET Data Provider. (DbAccess, OracleLauncher and SqlLauncher for accessing mass data)

iDoklad API


iDoklad API Demo je Open Source projekt spole?nosti Cígler Software. Ukázková aplikace demonstruje napojení na faktura?ní slu┼żbu iDoklad

network.js - Make accurate network measures (like Speedtest) in your browser

  •    Javascript

A JavaScript library, entirely written in ES6, to measure various aspects of a connection. It can accurately estimate a bandwidth/latency between a client (using a web browser) and a server (running a specific script). I'm not working on Network.js anymore because I don't have time for it. It will stay on hold until I found some time to work on it or until someone wants to become the new maintainer of this project.

recovery - Recover from a network failure using randomized exponential backoff.

  •    Javascript

Recovery provides randomized exponential back off for reconnection attempts. It allows you to recover the connection in the most optimal way (for both server and client). The exponential back off is randomized to prevent a DDoS like attack on your server when it's restarted, spreading the reconnection attempts instead of having all your connections attempt to reconnect at exactly the same time.The code base of this module was originally written for Primus but has been extracted as separate module. It has been thoroughly tested and it's written with love <3.

ssh-exec - Execute a script over ssh using Node.JS

  •    Javascript

It is written in plain Javascript and uses ssh2 for all the heavy lifting.

mqtt-connection - Barebone Connection object for MQTT in node.js

  •    Javascript

Barebone Connection object for MQTT. Works over any kind of binary Streams, TCP, TLS, WebSocket, ...It uses mqtt-packet for generating and parsing MQTT packets. See it for the full documentations on the packet types.

toragent - HTTP(S) requests through Tor for Node

  •    Javascript

Easily manage HTTP(S) requests through Tor. TorAgent spawns Tor processes, handles both HTTP and HTTPS requests, and offers easy IP address rotation. Compatible with http.request and libraries like request.Requires Node >= 4.

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