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bigbluebutton - Complete open source web conferencing system.

  •    Java

BigBlueButton is an open source web conferencing system. BigBlueButton supports real-time sharing of audio, video, slides (with whiteboard controls), chat, and the screen. Instructors can engage remote students with polling, emojis, and breakout rooms. BigBlueButton can record and playback all content shared in a session.

Twilio Server Library for .NET (TSL.NET)


TSL.NET is a library related to Twilio. This library is no longer maintained: http://twilioserver.codeplex.com/discussions/438808

rooms - Ephemeral conference rooms powered by Twilio and Google App Engine

  •    Go

Head over to Twilio and setup an account. Purchase a phone number and grab your auth token from the console. It's easiest to use the gcloud tool to do this which is available here.

bbb-install - Easy to use install script for BigBlueButton 2

  •    Shell

bbb-install is a BASH script that will install BigBlueButton BigBlueButton 2.0 on a Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit server that meets the minimal server requirements? If your server has the necessary ports open to your users (see previous like for requirements), then you can install BigBlueButton with a single command. This will take about 15 minutes (depending on your server's internet connection). After it finishes, you'll see a confirmation message that BigBlueButton is running and listening on the server's external IP address. The script also installs the bbb-api demos so you can immediately try out the server.

client-sdk-flutter - Flutter Client SDK for LiveKit

  •    Dart

Official Flutter SDK for LiveKit. Easily add real-time video and audio to your Flutter apps. This package is published to pub.dev as livekit_client.