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docker-alpine - Docker containers running Alpine Linux and s6 for process management

  •    Shell

Highly configurable Docker images running Alpine linux and s6 process management. Using Docker makes your infrastructure and environment consistent, testable, scalable and repeatable.

dcmp - 基于etcd的配置管理系统 (etcd v2)

  •    Javascript

基于etcd的配置管理系统 (etcd v2)

helmfiles - Comprehensive Distribution of Helmfiles. Works with `helmfile.d`

  •    Makefile

Helmfiles is a comprehensive distribution of declarative helm chart invocations. It makes it really easy to get up and running with a full stack of fully integrated apps for Kubernetes using helmfile. It's also compatible with helmfile.d. This project is part of our comprehensive "SweetOps" approach towards DevOps.

remco - remco is a lightweight configuration management tool

  •    Go

Download the releases and extract the binary. See Contributing for details on submitting patches.