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conditioner - 💆🏻 Frizz free, context-aware, JavaScript modules

  •    Javascript

Conditioner provides a straight forward Progressive Enhancement based solution for linking JavaScript modules to DOM elements. Modules can be linked based on contextual parameters like viewport size and element visibilty making Conditioner your perfect Responsive Design companion. Mount a component (like a Date Picker, Section Toggler or Carrousel), but only do it on wide viewports and when the user has seen it.

Manic Weather Control

  •    ASPNET

Asp.net custom control that shows current weather conditions and weather forecast. Data is supplied by weather.com service.


  •    DotNet

CuttingEdge.Conditions is a library that helps developers to write pre- and postcondition validations in their C# 3.0 and VB.NET 9.0 code base. Writing these validations is easy and it improves the readability and maintainability of code.


  •    Javascript

Automatically and unobtrusively saves form data based on a set of criteria.

network-emulation-conditions - Network emulation / throttling conditions (2G, 3G, 4G, Wifi etc) ☎️

  •    Javascript

Settings for network emulation conditions (e.g Regular 3G, 2G, WiFi, DSL, GPRS and so on). Useful for anyone building web performance tooling. These correlate to download throughput, upload throughput and network latency. REGULAR_3G for example is calculated as 750 * 1024 / 8 (750kbps download), 250 * 1024 / 8 (250kbps upload) and 100ms latency.

cond - Restartable error handling system for JavaScript

  •    Javascript

cond is hosted at Github. mona is a public domain work, dedicated using CC0 1.0. Feel free to do whatever you want with it. cond is a JavaScript implementation of Common Lisp's condition system, a system for handling errors and other conditions of interest that handles signals at the call site, before the stack is unwound -- allowing you to repair or alter what happens at the callsite, and continuing executing as if nothing had been signaled/thrown.

nodebb-rewards-essentials - Essential Rewards Starter Pack for NodeBB

  •    Javascript

This plugin comes with some basic core conditions (ex. "If user has reputation > X") and rewards (ex. "Add user to group"). Use this as a skeleton to create your own reward packs.

role-acl - Role based access control using actions, attributes and conditions

  •    TypeScript

Many RBAC (Role-Based Access Control) implementations differ, but the basics is widely adopted since it simulates real life role (job) assignments. But while data is getting more and more complex; you need to define policies on resources, subjects or even environments. This is called ABAC (Attribute-Based Access Control). With the idea of merging the best features of the two (see this NIST paper); this library implements RBAC basics and also focuses on resource, action attributes and conditions.

is.sh - Human readable conditions for bash

  •    Shell

Fancy alternative for old good test command. You can negate any condition by putting not in front of it.

ucast - Conditions query translator for everything

  •    TypeScript

ucast is a low level library that helps to create awesome things! It aims to be a universal way to represent a set of conditions that can be transferred between APIs and databases. Generally speaking, ucast can help you to transfer conditions somewhere or interpret them in any way.

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