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steno - Simple file writer with atomic writing and race condition prevention

  •    Javascript

Simple file writer with atomic writing and race condition prevention.Can be used as a drop-in replacement to fs.writeFile().

p-wait-for - Wait for a condition to be true

  •    Javascript

Can be useful for polling.Returns a Promise that resolves when condition returns true. Rejects if condition throws or returns a Promise that rejects.

p-whilst - While a condition returns true, calls a function repeatedly, and then resolves the promise

  •    Javascript

Think async version of the while statement.While condition returns true, executes action repeatedly, and then resolves the promise. Rejects if action returns a promise that rejects or if an error is thrown anywhere.

p-do-whilst - Calls a function repeatedly while a condition returns true and then resolves the promise

  •    Javascript

Think async version of the do…while statement.Executes action repeatedly while condition returns true and then resolves the promise. Rejects if action returns a promise that rejects or if an error is thrown anywhere.

macos-version - Get or check the current macOS version

  •    Javascript

Returns the macOS version.Returns a boolean of whether the specified semver range matches the macOS version.

verdict.js - Javascript functional rule evaluation. Core of a rules engine.

  •    Javascript

Javascript condition evaluator. Rewritten from the ground up from the original verdict, cleaner interface inspired from ruler by Garrett Johnson. Adds nesting and "any" vs "all" composite capabilities. Browser-friendly. The segmentation tree capabilities have been dropped and may be available in a separate module with this as a dependency, but are not baked in. For now.

tryer - Conditional and repeated function invocation for node and browser.

  •    Javascript

Because everyone loves a tryer! Conditional and repeated function invocation for node and browser. Sometimes, you want to defer calling a function until a certain pre-requisite condition is met. Other times, you want to call a function repeatedly until some post-requisite condition is satisfied. Occasionally, you might even want to do both for the same function.

locks - Mutex locks, Read/Write locks, Condition variables and Semaphores in JavaScript

  •    Javascript

Locks implements locking/synchronization mechanisms that have traditionally been used for protecting shared memory between multiple threads. JavaScript is inherently single threaded and does not suffer from these security and stability issues. However, because of its asynchronous eventy nature JavaScript can still benefit from making particular operations wait for the completion of others.

pattern-guard - JavaScript pattern guards 💂

  •    Javascript

Pattern-guard is a small module that brings you the Haskell guards syntax in JavaScript. Please note that, like in Haskell, the first truthy guard will be returned.

role-acl - Role based access control using actions, attributes and conditions

  •    TypeScript

Many RBAC (Role-Based Access Control) implementations differ, but the basics is widely adopted since it simulates real life role (job) assignments. But while data is getting more and more complex; you need to define policies on resources, subjects or even environments. This is called ABAC (Attribute-Based Access Control). With the idea of merging the best features of the two (see this NIST paper); this library implements RBAC basics and also focuses on resource, action attributes and conditions.

apple-juice - An advanced battery gauge for macOS, that displays the remaining battery time and more

  •    Swift

An advanced battery gauge for macOS. Apple Juice can show you the estimated battery time remaining right within the status bar and notify you about certain percentages, if you want. Get even more information about your current battery status, without cluttering your screen, with the Apple Juice Today Widget. Just take a quick glance at your battery’s stats, whenever you want.

mutex-server - Mutex Server using WebSocket

  •    TypeScript

Critical sections in the network level. The mutex-server is an npm module that can be used for building a mutex server. When you need to control a critical section on the entire system level, like distributed processing system using the network communications, this mutex-server can be a good solution.

node-precond - Precondition checks for Node.js

  •    Javascript

Precondition checks for Node.js inspired by Guava's precondition checking utilities. into a more compact and declarative check bellow.

node-wait - WaitForAll and WaitForAny on EventEmitter.

  •    Javascript

WaitForAll and WaitForAny on EventEmitter instances. WaitForAny will wait until one of the specified EventEmitter is done. By contrast, WaitForAll will wait until all of the specified EventEmitter are done.

order - More readable and easier ordering and comparison tasks

  •    Go

Package order enables easier ordering and comparison tasks. This package provides functionality to easily define and apply order on values. It works out of the box for most primitive types and their pointer versions, and enable order of any object using three-way comparison with a given func(T, T) int function, or by implementing the generic interface: func (T) Compare(T) int.

five-bells-condition - JavaScript implementation of Crypto Conditions validation and fulfillment

  •    Javascript

This specification is only a draft at this stage and has not been submitted. This will ensure that the requested type, features and fulfillment length are all accepted by the current implementation.

ilp - ILP client for browsers/Node.js

  •    TypeScript

Using ilp.createPlugin is an alias for the deprecated ilp-plugin module. It creates an instance of a BTP plugin that will attempt to connect to a local moneyd instance by default. This can be overridden using environment variables. The module looks for ILP_PLUGIN_OPTIONS (or ILP_CREDENTIALS however this is deprecated) and ILP_PLUGIN. ILP_PLUGIN_OPTIONS must contain a JSON object and will be passed into the constructor of a new plugin instance. The name of the plugin type to instantiate must be stored as a string in the environment variable ILP_PLUGIN or it will default to ilp-plugin-btp.

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