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concurrent-map - a thread-safe concurrent map for go

  •    Go

As explained here and here, the map type in Go doesn't support concurrent reads and writes. concurrent-map provides a high-performance solution to this by sharding the map with minimal time spent waiting for locks. The package is now imported under the "cmap" namespace.

cpp-taskflow - Fast C++ Parallel Programming with Task Dependency Graphs

  •    C++

A fast C++ header-only library to help you quickly build parallel programs with complex task dependencies. Cpp-Taskflow lets you quickly build parallel dependency graphs using modern C++17. It supports both static and dynamic tasking, and is by far faster, more expressive, and easier for drop-in integration than existing libraries.

puzzl - An intelligent version of the sliding-puzzle game for your terminal built in golang

  •    Go

puzzl is an intelligent implementation of the classical sliding-puzzle game.It's built on top of Golang's concurrency primitives. It uses goroutines and channels for inter process communications to provide real time notification experience in unix terminals.

TaskChain - TaskChain Control Flow framework

  •    Java

TaskChain is a Java Control Flow framework designed for Game Developers. TaskChain helps facilitate running tasks on an application's "Main Thread", and parallel tasks off the main (async to main).

blacklight - a stack-based concatenative virtual machine for implementing highly concurrent languages

  •    Go

The current implementation of blacklight is a proof-of-concept. It's functional but intended primarily for proving out features, strategies, and specifications. Once The ABI is stable it will be reimplemented with optimization and compatibility in mind against a full test suite. As is, there is very little about blacklight that isn't subject to change to better reflect the results of research and experimentation.

pycos - Concurrent, Asynchronous, Distributed, Communicating Tasks with Python

  •    Python

pycos is a Python framework for asynchronous, concurrent, distributed programming with tasks, asynchronous completions and message passing. Unlike with other asynchronous frameworks, programs developed with pycos have same logic and structure as programs with threads, except for a few syntactic changes - mostly using yield with asynchronous completions that give control to pycos's scheduler, which interleaves executions of tasks, similar to the way an operating system executes multiple processes. In addition, pycos has many additional features, including message passing for communication, distributed computing/programming etc.

cauder - A causal-consistent debugger for Erlang

  •    Erlang

This project uses wx, the Erlang binding of wxWidgets. Thus, you must have built Erlang/OTP with wxWidgets. An astonishing graphical interface will appear in your screen.

chymyst-core - Declarative concurrency in Scala - The implementation of the chemical machine

  •    Scala

This repository hosts Chymyst Core — a domain-specific language for purely functional, declarative concurrency, implemented as a Scala library. Chymyst is a framework-in-planning that will build upon Chymyst Core to enable creating concurrent applications declaratively. The code is extensively tested under Oracle JDK 8 with Scala 2.11.8, 2.11.11, and 2.12.2-2.12.6.

goroutines - provides utilities to perform common tasks on goroutines

  •    Go

This package provides utilities to perform common tasks on goroutines - waiting for a goroutine to start, timeouts, do somethting before or after a goroutine function inside the same goroutine and recover from panic. It has a simple fluent API (see tests). This restarts the function at most, nine times and then stops. If we needed the function to run forever, we could simply drop intensity, or handle a value of -1.

Concuerror - Concuerror is a stateless model checking tool for Erlang programs.

  •    Erlang

Concuerror is a stateless model checking tool for Erlang programs. It can be used to systematically test programs for concurrency errors, detect and report errors that only occur on few, specific schedulings or verify their absence. The preferred way to start concuerror is via the bin/concuerror escript.

dcard-spider - A spider on Dcard. Strong and speedy.

  •    Python

快如閃電的爬蟲,迅速獲得 Dcard 上所有看板的文章! Spider needs for speed. This will be a library project for dcard continously crawling spider. And also provides end-user friendly features.

pony-workshop - Material for a workshop for learning about the Pony programming language

  •    Pony

This is the repo for the Pony workshop. There are numbered subdirectories under steps, each of which contains a small program that demonstrates some Pony ideas. If you are presenting this workshop, please see the README for presenters.

sobjectizer - SObjectizer: it's all about in-process message dispatching! It is a tool for simplification of the development of complex multi-threaded applications in C++ by using Actor-, Publish-Subscribe and CSP model

  •    C++

SObjectizer is one of a few cross-platform and OpenSource "actor frameworks" for C++. But SObjectizer supports not only Actor Model, but also Publish-Subscribe Model and CSP-like channels. The goal of SObjectizer is significant simplification of development of concurrent and multithreaded applications in C++. SObjectizer allows the creation of a concurrent app as a set of agent-objects which interact with each other through asynchronous messages. It handles message dispatching and provides a working context for message processing. And allows to tune those things by supplying various ready-to-use dispatchers.