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algorithms - algorithms playground for common questions

  •    Ruby

Algorithms playground for common questions solved in ruby syntax. In case you want to prepare yourself for a job interview - try to solve it yourself first, then have a look here.I interviewed with Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and others. I also interviewed others myself. Sometimes it looks like they all ask you the same "out of the box" questions that don't really check knowledge but memorization of the same tricks. This is my way of saying - change your interview style. There are lots of smart people out there, this is not the best way to find them.

javascript-algorithms - 🤖 Algorithms and data structures implemented in JavaScript with explanations and links to further readings

  •    Javascript

This repository contains JavaScript based examples of many popular algorithms and data structures. Each algorithm and data structure has its own separate README with related explanations and links for further reading (including ones to YouTube videos).

Nashpy - A library for the computation of Nash equilibria in two player games

  •    Python

This is a library with simple dependencies (it only requires numpy and scipy) so that it is pip installable: if you want to do sophisticated equilibria computation YOU SHOULD use gambit. All contributions are welcome, although this is meant to be a simple library, for more detailed game theoretic contribution please see gambit.

computer_science_in_lua - :first_quarter_moon_with_face: Implementation of some classic data structures and algorithms in Lua

  •    Lua

It's a collection of implementations of classic algorithms and data structures that I've written in Lua.

pathfinding-visualiser - Visualises pathfinding algorithms

  •    Javascript

Visualises pathfinding algorithms allowing customisation of algorithm, map generation and animation. The UI is build on Polymer's paper elements. polyserve is used to serve the demo so bower dependencies are referenced correctly to enable pathfinding-visualiser to be reuseable.

sorting-visualiser - Visualises sorting algorithms.

  •    Javascript

Visualise sorting algorithms with the help of js-sorting. It works by attaching a bunch of observers to the critical parts of the sorting algorithm, such as swapping and comparing values. See it in action here.

kotlin-algorithm-club - Algorithms and data structures in Kotlin.

  •    Kotlin

Here you can find the most common algorithms and data structures written in Kotlin. The goal of this project is to create the most eloquent implementations of old algorithms in the new language. The code is meant to be as self-describing as possible, so I do not plan to include much documentation. It is assumed that you know the basics; if you want to learn algorithms perhaps it is a wrong place. I do full-heartedly recommend The Algorithm Design Manual by Steven Skiena and of course...

Algo-Explorer - Android app for learning algorithms in Computer Science

  •    Java

Realizing the importance of the subject Algorithm Design in computer science field. This application is developed keeping in view all type of students so that the learning could be easy. The application depicts relevant facts about the most famous algorithms of computer science. The visualization is explained by the help of GIFs. Application also consists of description, programs, examples and the algorithms. In this version following topic has been covered.

Learn-Something-Every-Day - 📝 A compilation of everything that I learn; Computer Science, Software Development, Engineering, Math, and Coding in General

  •    CSS

I take a lot of summary notes here, but I will often also put my learnings into an anki deck which is a wonderful way to do spaced repetition learning for long term retention. Taking summary notes in combination with some form of active recollection has worked really well for me and would be my recommendation to anyone looking to always be learning in this fast changing industry. Write notes in Markdown with embedded LaTeX. When you push to develop, get CircleCI to render HTML pages using a small Ruby script and Pandoc, and then push the results to a Github Pages branch. The website build process is based on work by @davepagurek.

algorithms - Basic algorithms and data structures curriculum for beginners

  •    Javascript

What are algorithms? They a set of instructions performed on some data. They act as different ways of storing and manipulating data provides us easier, faster, or previously-thought impossible ways to solve real world problems. The subject may seem intimidating at first, but it is all built on top of small key pieces over one another. This curriculum is designed to help you get started on those fundamental pieces. While many resources exist online, many are filled with jargons and require extensive previous knowledge. This curriculum is geared towards beginners, and it provides the walkthroughs, test cases, and online help on Slack.


  •    HTML

Shows Big-O time and space complexities of common algorithms used in .NET and Computer Science. You can see which collection type or sorting algorithm to use at a glance to write the most efficient code. This is also useful for those studying Computer Science in University or for technical interview tests where Big-O notation questions can be fairly common depending on the type of company you are apply to. All credit goes to the creator of the Big-O Algorithm Complexity Cheat Sheet Eric Rowell and the many contributors to it. You can find the original here. I simply added .NET specific bits to it.