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awesome-computer-history - An Awesome List of computer history videos, documentaries and related folklore


A curated list of computer history videos, documentaries and related folklore maintained by Thomas Watson. Inspired by the awesome list thing.Pull Requests are welcome.

emacs-16.56 - Build and run Emacs like it's 1985

  •    C

This branch is a work in progress to port it to a modern Unix system. So far temacs runs, and seems to work quite well. It's expected that dumping a new emacs executable will not work due to the messy unexec facility. Feel free to dig in and help, but expect the branch to be force-pushed at any time.

pdp6 - PDP-6 Emulator and Verilog Simulation

  •    C

This project aims to revive the PDP-6 (and later PDP-10) computers by DEC. I started by writing a very low level emulator in C based on the schematics. Later I also wrote an accurate verilog simulation that also works on an FPGA.

its - Incompatible Timesharing System

  •    Assembly

ITS, the Incompatible Timesharing System, is an operating system for the PDP-10 computer family. It was created by hackers at MIT in the 1960s. The MIT site was shut down in 1990, but enthusiasts continue to operate ITS systems to this day. There is a mailing list for discussion about ITS. Go to http://its.victor.se/mailman/listinfo/its-hackers_its.victor.se for more information.