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Visualization Toolkit

The Visualization Toolkit (VTK) is an open-source, freely available software system for 3D computer graphics, image processing and visualization. VTK supports a wide variety of visualization algorithms including: scalar, vector, tensor, texture, and volumetric methods; and advanced modeling techniques such as: implicit modeling, polygon reduction, mesh smoothing, cutting, contouring, and Delaunay triangulation.

BRL-CAD - Solid Modeling System

BRL-CAD is a powerful cross-platform constructive solid geometry solid modeling system that includes an interactive geometry editor, ray-tracing for rendering amp; geometric analyses, network distributed framebuffer support, image & signal-processing tools.

VulkanTutorial - Tutorial for the Vulkan graphics and compute API

This repository hosts the contents of vulkan-tutorial.com. The website itself is based on daux.io, which supports GitHub flavored Markdown. A few changes were made to daux.io and its themes, which are included in daux.patch and are licensed as MIT. The patch is based on commit d45ccff. Use issues and pull requests to provide feedback related to the website. If you have a problem with your code, then use the comments section in the related chapter to ask a question. Please provide your operating system, graphics card, driver version, source code, expected behaviour and actual behaviour.

Primrose - A WebVR framework

Primrose is an immersive environment for web browsers on desktop and mobile devices alike. Within this environment, web developers can be applications that progressively enhance to support users on a wide variety of form factors, including high-end VR headsets. If you're interested in contributing to the framework, we'd love to have you involved. Primrose is open to contributors of all skill levels and we are ready and willing to help beginners work through issues. Please read the guidelines for contributing before doing so.


The Matrix3DEx library is a collection of extension and factory methods for Silverlight's Matrix3D class. It includes factory methods for common transformation matrices that are not part of Silverlight like rotation, translation, look-at, projection and useful extension methods.

Ploobs Game Engine

Full Game Engine developed in C# and XNA using Deferred Rendering. The principal Features are: Integrated Physic, Artificial Inteligence, Dynamic Lights and Shadow, Lots of Post Effects, Billboards , Extensible Particle System, Vegetation, Materials types, 3D Sound and MUCH MORE!

DirectX 11 Framework for Experimentation

Basic Framework for DirectX 11 (without DXUT) containing basic stuffs like Text Rendering, Quad Render, Model Loading, basic Skinning animation, Shader framework (substitute for the effect API) and lots of random stuffs !!!


The WriteableBitmapEx library is a collection of extension methods for the WriteableBitmap. The library adds elementary (drawing) functionality.

FaceLight - Simple Silverlight Face Detection

FaceLight is a simple facial recognition method that can be used with Silverlight 's webcam. It searches for a certain sized skin color region in a snapshot to find the face.

vktut - Shabi's Vulkan Tutorials

This is a repository of tutorials on Vulkan. It starts with the basics, enumerating your GPUs, allocating memory and getting computation done. It then moves on to actually displaying things and using shaders. Along the way, some of the optional Vulkan layers are explored. Each tutorial may use functions implemented in a previous tutorial. The functions are thus named as tutX_*() so that it would be immediately obvious which tutorial you should refer to, if you don't remember what that function does.

ACVD - a programm to perform fast simplification of 3D surface meshes

[1] S. Valette,J.-M. Chassery and R. Prost, Generic remeshing of 3D triangular meshes with metric-dependent discrete Voronoi Diagrams, IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, Volume 14, no. 2, pages 369-381, 2008. [2] Sebastien Valette and Jean-Marc Chassery, Approximated Centroidal Voronoi Diagrams for Uniform Polygonal Mesh Coarsening, Computer Graphics Forum (Eurographics 2004 proceedings), Vol. 23, No. 3, September 2004, pp. 381-389.

sandbox - :art: sandbox of experimental & reusable code in C++11 & modern openGL

A collection of C++11/14 classes and opengl utilities united under the arbitrarily namespace "avl" (short for Anvil). lib-incubator incorporates a considerable amount of permissively-licensed and public-domain code adapted for linalg.h types or readability/usability/extensibility (like various lock-free queues and graphics samples). See COPYING for full attribution of code found in this repository.