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computational-economy - An agent-based computational economy with macroeconomic equilibria from microeconomic behaviors

  •    Java

This is an agent-based computational economics simulator, which is constituted by agent types household, factory, trader, credit bank, central bank and state. The simulator implements a model akin to the Arrow-Debreu model, which adheres to neoclassical microeconomic theory, based on polypoly markets perpetuated by agent market participants. The micro-economic agent behaviors induce complex oscillation patterns attracted to macroeconomic equilibria due to the economic feedback cycles of the system. 💫 Star if you like this work.

BootCamp2017 - Repository for OSM Lab Boot Camp 2017

  •    Jupyter

This public repository contains the training materials, tutorials, and code for the seven-week Boot Camp of the Open Source Macroeconomics Laboratory (OSM Lab) at Becker Friedman Institute of the University of Chicago, June 19 to August 4. The OSM Lab was founded by Dr. Richard W. Evans, Senior Lecturer at the University of Chicago M.A. Program in Computational Social Science and Fellow at the Becker Friedman Institute. The OSM Lab is funded primarily from a 5-year grant from the Charles Koch Foundation. Part of this grant also included the creation of the Dynamic Analysis Center at the Baker Institute at Rice University, which is directed by John Diamond. This README.md serves as a syllabus and reference for the OSM Lab Boot Camp. This document has 11 sections.