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go-starter-kit - Golang isomorphic react/hot reloadable/redux/css-modules starter kit

  •    Go

This project contains a quick starter kit for Facebook React Single Page Apps with Golang server side render via goja javascript engine, implemented in pure Golang and also with a set of useful features for rapid development of efficient applications.Note that probably not works at windows.

Microsoft SQL Server Community Samples: Integration Services


Samples for use with SQL Server Integration Services samples created by the Integration Services product team.

XNA Toolkit

  •    CSharp

Toolkit of Components, Services, Wrappers, and Utilities for use in your XNA game. Currently provides a Stationary and First Person Camera component, Input service and component, Audio wrapper, and EventLogger (Windows Only). Weapon inventory, menu system, and performance tr...

WordPackage: A convenient way to create Word 2007 Documents using OOXML

  •    DotNet

Although you can create Word 2007 Docs Programmatically using packaging API and simple XML manipulations, for most people its easier said than done. This is just an effort to make things easier, Currently i am planning to use Microsoft SDK for Open XML formats to achieve our...

ASP.NET HTML5 Controls

  •    ASPNET

DotM.Html5 is a library for ASP.NET in which html 5 controls are available for use. This control set contains new input type elements like 'email', 'number', etc. and new elements like 'section', 'nav', etc. introduced in HTML 5. Version 1.0 of DotM.HTML5 contains element...

Exception Reporter


ExceptionReporter is a .NET component that shows a dialog with detailed information on an Exception and the application/system running it. It allows the application user to copy, save and/or email a textual report of the incident.

PropertyTools for WPF

  •    WPF

Library of custom controls for WPF: PropertyGrid, DataGrid, multi-select TreeView, ColorPicker and more.

Fluent Interface for WebRequest object

  •    CSharp

This project make a fluent interface for WebRequest. For easy to use the WebRequest, we create new DSL for it and config it with understand language.

Container GameComponent


ContainerGameComponent is a class derived from DrawableGameComponent and has a Components property, similar to XNA Game class. It can be useful to group your GameComponents in different manner or to build complex hierarchies of GameComponents.

Dynamic Component Runtime Framework (DCRF)


This project is a framework which encourages developers to think/design/implement based on component based software development approach. The high level of flexibility in this framework, makes implementing really complex component networks easy and straightforward.

Portable Xna Components


Portable Xna Components makes it easier and faster for Xna game developers to create their games. Developers using this library don't have to worry about rudimentary tasks like drawing and collision detection. It is written in C#

laravel-blade-x - Use custom HTML components in your Blade views

  •    PHP

This package provides an easy way to render custom HTML components in your Blade views. You can place the content of that alert in a simple Blade view that needs to be registered before using the my-alert component.

render_react - Pre-render and mount React components from Ruby

  •    Ruby

It is bring your own tooling: React is not included, nor any ES6 transpilers or module bundlers. It expects you to prepare the JavaScript bundle file in a specific format, which must contain React and all of your components. If you are looking for higher-level alternatives, checkout react_on_rails or react-rails.

bem-components-php - Set of bh.php templates for bem-components library

  •    PHP

bh.php templates for bem-components library. Requires bem-core-php to work properly.

yii2cdn - A Yii Framework 2 component for using assets in different environments (Local/CDNs)

  •    PHP

Production Ready: Used in several real projects is enough to prove its stability. Bugs / Feature Request?: Create your issue here.

laravel-view-components - A better way to connect data with view rendering in Laravel

  •    PHP

View components are a way to help organize logic tied to view, similar to view composers. A view component can be anything that implements Laravel's Htmlable contract, so you don't necessarily need to use Blade views to render the component. This is useful for wrapping third party HTML packages, like spatie/laravel-menu.

SkiaSharp.Components - Rendered components for an easier declaration of SkiaSharp rendering.

  •    CSharp

Producing rendering code for SkiaSharp can be extremely verbose and repetitive. SkiaSharp.Components are higher level views that make declarations more concise. Each time a property of a view changes, the Invalidated event of a view is raised. This is useful to know when to re-render a view.

gu - A web ui library for Go.

  •    Go

A component rendering library for Go. It efficiently renders standard HTML both on the frontend and backend. First go get gopherjs, as we can not bundle it due to certain restrictions in the way gopherjs works.