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Spectrum - Simple, powerful online communities

  •    Javascript

Spectrum aims to be the best platform to build any kind of community online by combining the best of web 2.0 forums and real-time chat apps. With best-in-class moderation tooling, a single platform for all your communities, threaded conversations by default, community health monitoring (and much more to come), we think that we will be able to help more people start and grow the best online communities.

HumHub - Open Source Social Network

  •    PHP

HumHub is a feature rich and highly flexible OpenSource Social Network Kit written in PHP. It provides support to build Social Intranets, Enterprise Social Networks, Private Social Networks. Its social features include Commenting, Like, Following, Mentioning, Tags, OEmbed Support. The communication in HumHub works with spaces. A space can literally be anything, a project, a group or just a simple topic. For every space you can invite multiple users and make up your own access rights and rules.

Aether - peer-to-peer network of independent, self-moderated communities

  •    Go

Aether is a peer-to-peer network of independent, self-moderated communities. It is a Open source, self-governing communities with auditable moderation and mod elections. Aether is private by default, so that you can choose to be fully private, or fully public yourself. Most people use pseudonyms, though you can use your real name, or company.

member-portal - Open source member community software being developed in the open

  •    Ruby

The Member Portal is an open source community software project built by and for the Reno Collective. This application will provide the members of the Reno Collective with a way to better network and share ideas with one another. These instructions will help you get the project up and running on your local machine.

urban-and-regional-planning-resources - Community list of data & technology resources concerning the built environment and communities


This repository contains curated list of different urban & regional planning data & technology resources. Those interested in the built environement are invited to review and contribute to this repository.

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