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Caporal.js - A full-featured framework for building command line applications (cli) with node.js

  •    Javascript

A full-featured framework for building command line applications (cli) with node.js, including help generation, colored output, verbosity control, custom logger, coercion and casting, typos suggestions, and auto-complete for bash/zsh/fish.Angled brackets (e.g. <item>) indicate required input. Square brackets (e.g. [env]) indicate optional input.

commander.js - node.js command-line interfaces made easy

  •    Javascript

Options with commander are defined with the .option() method, also serving as documentation for the options. The example below parses args and options from process.argv, leaving remaining args as the program.args array which were not consumed by options.Short flags may be passed as a single arg, for example -abc is equivalent to -a -b -c. Multi-word options such as "--template-engine" are camel-cased, becoming program.templateEngine etc.

vantage - Distributed, realtime CLI for live Node apps.

  •    Javascript

Vantage gives you a new perspective into your live node application not previously available.An extension of Vorpal, Vantage turns your live Node app into a immersive CLI. Accessible remotely or locally, Vantage lets you build your own API for your application and import community extensions, introducing a new means of live diagnostics and activity for your dev and prod environments.

vorpal - Node's framework for interactive CLIs

  •    Javascript

Conquer the command-line.Vorpal is Node's first framework for building interactive CLI applications. With a simple and powerful API, Vorpal opens the door to a new breed of rich, immersive CLI environments like cash and wat.

sade - Smooth (CLI) Operator 🎶

  •    Javascript

Define your global/program-wide version, options, description, and/or examples first. Once you define a Command, you can't access the global-scope again. Define all commands & options in the order that you want them to appear. Sade will not mutate or sort your CLI for you. Global options print before local options.

args - Toolkit for building command line interfaces

  •    Javascript

This package makes creating command line interfaces a breeze. Register a new option for the binary in which it's being called.

nash - Craft command-line masterpieces in Node.js

  •    Javascript

Run the cli app with the given arguments. Normally you'd pass in process.argv. The callback can be used to execute more code after everything has completed. Create a command with the given name(s). Supports a single name, and array of names, or multiple names separated by commas as arguments to the command method. Returns an instance of Command.

ace - Node.js framework for creating command line applications

  •    TypeScript

Ace is command line framework embedded into AdonisJS for creating CLI commands. AdonisJS is the only Node.js framework that allows creating CLI commands as part of the application codebase.

clime - ⌨ The command-line interface framework for TypeScript.

  •    TypeScript

The command-line interface framework for TypeScript, fully tested with baseman. Clime provides a way in which you can get parameters and options you really want to: typed at compile time and casted at run time.

commander-completion - Shell completion for commander.js

  •    Javascript

This was built as part of foundry, a CLI utility for making releases painless. commander-completion exposes a mixin function, mixinCommanderCompletion, as its module.exports. After we mixin to Commander.js, we add more methods onto command() objects.

mobile-commander - A collection of useful React Native commands

  •    Shell

A collection of useful React Native commands to help React Native developers. These commands work really well but do not limit themselves to 🔥 ignite projects.

generator-commander - A commander-cli generator for Yeoman

  •    Javascript

A CLI generator for Yeoman. This generator will create a Commander.js based command line application using yo with options to include autocmdr components.

wcj - :see_no_evil: Node.js make command-line tool for learning.

  •    Javascript

:see_no_evil: Node.js make command-line tool for learning.

scaffold-static - static site generator for vanilla JS.

  •    Javascript

Automate your local development environment and build static sites (vanilla-JS) with ease using this CLI tool. Fire in scaffold-static new <project_name> to start out with a new static site.

commandir - :open_file_folder: Effortless mkdir and rmdir for Node.js

  •    Javascript

The argument is either a single path given as a string or an array of such strings. On success, the promise resolves to an array of strings which holds the paths of all directories that were created. If no directories were created, resolves to an empty array.

inquander - Inquirer for commander

  •    Javascript

Inquirer for commander. This module takes two awesome modules and connects them. If no arguments and options are passed to your commander app, it runs inquirer. For all commands, arguments and options defined in your commander app.

tmdb-cli - The movie database client

  •    Javascript

I've done this module because I spend a lot of time on terminal and sometimes is easier search movies in commandline instead of open a new browser tab and search on imdb or on tmdb.

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