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fcl - Flexible Collision Library

  •    C++

FCL is a library for performing three types of proximity queries on a pair of geometric models composed of triangles. Before compiling FCL, please make sure Eigen and libccd (for collision checking between convex objects and is available here https://github.com/danfis/libccd) are installed. For libccd, make sure to compile from github version instead of the zip file from the webpage, because one bug fixing is not included in the zipped version.

Shapes Library

  •    CSharp

Shapes is a powerful library for XNA. It allows to easily create different kinds of shapes via code. It makes the game development much easier because it provides useful functionality like collision detection or movment along the outline of a shape. many samples are included.

Johnnylightbulb's XNA Stuff

  •    CSharp

Personal projects using XNA, C#, and luck. Every once and then I parse a BSP file or hack up some HLSL code.

VoxelPlugin - Voxel plugin for Unreal Engine

  •    C++

voxel plugin™ allows to create fully volumetric, entirely destructible, infinite worlds in Unreal Engine. It is compatible with 4.18 and 4.19. You can get a precompiled version of the plugin on Gumroad and Sellfy.

camera-picking-ray - creates a picking ray for a 2D/3D camera

  •    Javascript

Creates a picking ray for a camera. Commonly used for mouse interaction in 2D and 3D games.The camera is assumed to have a projection and view matrix, which can be combined and inverted to form invProjView.

ray-3d - a high-level ray picking helper for 3D intersection

  •    Javascript

A high-level ray picking helper for 3D intersection, built from modular pieces.Creates a new Ray with optional origin and direction, both arrays in the form [x, y, z].

box-collide - return whether two boxes or points are colliding in 2d

  •    Javascript

Return a boolean colliding indicating whether a and b overlap.x and y indicate the top left corner of the box or point.

mesh-collision - return the contact set between two 3d meshes in motion

  •    Javascript

Raycast from each point in a onto b.The positions and cells array structures are compatible with simplicial-complex.

ray-triangle-intersection - intersect a ray and triangle in 3 dimensions

  •    Javascript

Compute the intersection of the triangle tri and a ray described by a point pt and a direction dir.tri should be an array of [x,y,z] coordinate arrays.

intersect - An explanation of 2D collision tests in JavaScript

  •    HTML

Intersect is a collection of common 2D collision detection tests, written as a tutorial. Hopefully this saves you from the pain of hunting them down yourself, or trying to rip them out of physics libraries. If you're looking for further reading, you are hurting yourself if you don't buy Real-Time Collision Detection. It is easily the best purchase you could make if you are learning about collision detection. There is also an excellent list of different algorithms here.


  •    Javascript

Provides basic collision detection in order to declutter large or overlapping sets of Leaflet markers. Inspired by the ClusterMarker plugin, this plugin works by hiding any markers that overlap each other - only the marker which was first added to the LayerGroup will be shown.

meshwalk.js - for your TPS game development with three.js.

  •    Javascript

MeshWalk.js is a JS library which helps your TPS game development with three.js. See following demos and check the source code with some comments.

box-intersect - 📦 Any dimensional box intersection

  •    Javascript

This module works in any reasonable CommonJS environment, such as browsersify, iojs or node.js.

reserved-usernames - List of reserved usernames to prevent URL collision with resource paths

  •    Javascript

List of reserved usernames to prevent URL collision with resource paths. Credit: shouldbee/reserved-usernames.

point-in-triangle - returns true if a 2D point is inside a triangle

  •    Javascript

Test whether a point is inside a triangle, using barycentric coordinates and this algorithm from BlackPawn. Returns true if the point [x, y] is inside the triangle [ [x1,y1], [x2,y2], [x3,y3] ], false otherwise.

position-calculator - jQuery plugin, to calculate the position of an element relative to another element or event

  •    Javascript

Calculate the position of an element relative to another element or event. It has also functionality to handle collision within the viewport of a given container. It does not manipulate CSS or DOM, it only calculates values. It is a basic technology to support implementation of tooltips, popups, popovers, scrollspies and many more.

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