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magical_universe - Awesome Python features explained using the world of magic

  •    Python

As outlined in my blog post, I decided to take on a new habit using a technique I found on the 'get disciplined' subreddit. As one of my new habits I chose: "Code for 15 minutes every day". As part of the habit I've started creating a series of blog posts on important and awesome Python features, including object oriented programming, properties, function annotations, duck typing, etc.

coding-interviews - 🎓 :octocat: Preparation resources for software and web technical interviews

  •    Javascript

This is a list of concepts it is important to learn in order to coding interviews at big companies and for jobs with really technical teams. Not all companies interview this way but many do or at least include CS fundamental and puzzle questions as part of their processes. Preparing for these types of interviews can be challenging and tedious. I created this repo as a collection of resources to help better understand where these questions come from. There are tons of resources out there so if you are looking to crack the coding interview, well, definitely read cracking the coding interview (links below) and review some of the sites and concepts below. I also recommend interviewing.io for doing live practice interviews to get you prepared.

javascript-exercises - 📚 Collection of JavaScript exercises and coding challenges.

  •    Javascript

Series of interesting JavaScript exercises that I solved during my education. For each exercise I've tried to include several possible solutions. Thanks to Jest test framework you can easily check the correctness of your solution. Clone the repo.

code_gym - A workspace for learning computer science and software engineering topics

  •    Javascript

The code gym is like a real life gym. But its code. Duh right? Well the metaphor is that maybe in training you aren't doing the things you would do on the field but you are training your body to be able to do them at a high level when you get ready.

coding-exercises - My implementation of useful data structures, algorithms, as well as my solutions to programming puzzles

  •    Python

This repository contains my implementation of useful data structures, algorithms, games, as well as my solutions to programming puzzles. Written in python3. Thanks Danijar Hafner (@danijar) for the inspiration.

kotlin-coding-puzzle - Kotlin coding puzzle and solutions

  •    Kotlin

This repository contains a set of programming puzzles that are solved using Kotlin language (hints, solutions tests and useful links are here as well). Purpose of this repository is to help you to practice coding and develop strong problem-solving skills. This will help you to become better programmer and improve you chance of getting a new job, by passing whiteboard coding interview. Keep in mind that each puzzle will usually have more than one solution. Even simple puzzle like String reversal can be solved in 10 different ways. Usually, we compare various solutions using (Big O notation) to determine space/time complexity and we look at code readability.

challenge-alpha - Desafio mobile


Estamos sempre procurando expandir nossa equipe com devs dedicados, veja se tem vagas abertas no nosso Gupy, caso não tenha a vaga em aberto mande uma mensagem pelo LinkedIn ou abra uma issue. O desafio consiste em criar aplicativo para dispositivo móvel (Swift, Kotlin) que consuma o JSON exposto pela nossa API REST ou GraphQL de busca e apresente as informações em uma listagem. Você é livre para utilizar bibliotecas de terceiros.

v-coding-challenges - Various coding challenges from implemented in V.

  •    V

This repo is a collection of various coding challenges implemented in V. It can help V newcomers by providing lots of short and straightforward code pieces.

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