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KitchenSink - Rewrite of the kitchen sink demo to match design aesthetics of 2016

  •    Java

The kitchen sink is the first Codename One demo. It was rewritten in 2016 as part of a general overhaul. You can check out the full app in Google Play, itunes as well as live on the Codename One website thanks to the JavaScript port of Codename One.

MaterialScreensUIKit - PSD Template port to Cross Platform Pixel Perfect Codename One App for Android, iPhone (iOS) etc

  •    Java

This is a port of the MSUIKit PSD's to Codename One which allows them to run on all devices. You can see this running in the browser and on device by checking out the demos page.Check out this blog post with a live preview covering this demo.

PhoenixUI - Port of the PheonixUI kit PSD to Codename One for Android, iOS (iPhone), windows etc.

  •    Java

Port of the PhoenixUI kit PSD by Adrian Chiran to Codename One. Check out the demo page where you can download a precompiled APK and preview the JavaScript version of this demo.

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