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gofaas - A boilerplate Go and AWS Lambda app

  •    Go

Running a Go application on AWS Lambda is easier than ever, once you figure out how to configure Lambda, API Gateway and 10 or other "serverless" services to support the Go functions. This is a boilerplate app with all the AWS pieces configured correctly and explained in depth. See the docs folder for detailed guides about functions, tracing, security, automation and more with AWS and Go.

serverless-resources-validation-plugin - A plugin for the Serverless Framework which adds an action to validate your CloudFormation template

  •    Javascript

A Serverless Plugin for the Serverless Framework which adds an action to validate your CloudFormation template. ISC License. See the LICENSE file.

serverless-stack-output - Serverless plugin to process AWS CloudFormation Stack Output

  •    TypeScript

A serverless plugin to store output from your AWS CloudFormation Stack in JSON/YAML/TOML files, or to pass the output to a JavaScript function for further processing. Feel free to use the code, it's released using the MIT license.

serverless-domain-manager - Serverless plugin for managing custom domains with API Gateways.

  •    Javascript

Create custom domain names that your lambda can deploy to with serverless. Allows for base path mapping when deploying and deletion of domain names. Amplify builds innovative and compelling digital educational products that empower teachers and students across the country. We have a long history as the leading innovator in K-12 education - and have been described as the best tech company in education and the best education company in tech. While others try to shrink the learning experience into the technology, we use technology to expand what is possible in real classrooms with real students and teachers.

serverless-dynamodb-ttl - ⚡️ Serverless Plugin to set DynamoDB TTL

  •    Javascript

AWS CloudFormation supports now TTL, so this plugin for Serverless is useless. More information about how to use it in the AWS documentation. It's not possible to use DynamoDB's TTL feature with CloudFormation yet. Use this plugin to configure TTL for your DynamoDB with Serverless.

dynamodb-replication - A serverless dynamodb cross region replication solution

  •    Javascript

The dynamodb replication solution makes use of dynamodb table streams and lambda functions to replicate data cross regions in near real time. This README serves as a 'quick start' guide for getting replication up and running. Full documentation can be found in the wiki.

aws-serverless-subscription-service-node - Building Serverless Subscription Service using Lambda@Edge

  •    Javascript

This is the code example for the blog post Building Serverless Subscription Service using Lambda@Edge Our example application supports providing a custom experience for website visitors who sign in to the site, so we start by authenticating users when they navigate to the website in their browser. In the CloudFormation console, when the application is complete, click the output URL to verify the deployment.

serverless-stack-demo-mono-api - A sample mono-repo multi-service Serverless application with AWS CloudFormation cross-stack references

  •    Javascript

Serverless Stack is a free comprehensive guide to creating full-stack serverless applications. We create a note taking app from scratch. This repo is a sample mono-repo multi-service Serverless application with AWS CloudFormation cross-stack references. The steps to creating this are outlined in the Serverless architecture section of the Serverless Stack guide.

aws-amplify-serverless-plugin - Plugin for the Serverless Framework to output AWS Amplify configuration files

  •    Javascript

This is a plugin for the Serverless Framework that generates appropriate configuration files for using AWS Amplify with the Serverless Framework. See the example directory for a complete sample of an AWS AppSync client deployment with Amazon Cognito user pools.

VaporShell - A PowerShell module for building, packaging and deploying AWS CloudFormation templates

  •    PowerShell

If you are working with YAML templates, you need to install cfn-flip. VaporShell uses cfn-flip under the hood to work with YAML templates, as PowerShell does not natively support YAML at this time. If you are only working in JSON, then cfn-flip isn't necessary. Please inspect code before you run it. Here's a handy link to that raw content for you to review: Install-VaporShell.ps1.

serverless-application - 🍤 ALIS Media - Serverless Application

  •    Python

This is a serverless application using AWS SAM. You have to specify SSM valuables as can as possible.

Hands-On-Serverless-Applications-with-Go - Hands-On Serverless Applications with Go, published by Packt

  •    Go

This is the code repository for Hands-On Serverless Applications with Go, published by Packt. Serverless architecture is popular in the tech community due to AWS Lambda. Go is simple to learn, straightforward to work with, and easy to read for other developers; and now it's been heralded as a supported language for AWS Lambda. This book is your optimal guide to designing a Go serverless application and deploying it to Lambda.

ServerlessByDesign - A visual approach to serverless development. Think. Build. Repeat.

  •    Javascript

Think. Build. Repeat. This code is licensed under the The MIT License (MIT). Please see the LICENSE file that accompanies this project for the terms of use.

aws-multi-account-viewer - Serverless app designed for any customer with two or more accounts to view resources across accounts/regions in simple single pane of glass website

  •    Javascript

Administrator account is the account you will use to access all sub accounts and where you will store everything. SubAccounts only requires the SubAccountAccess template to be created. Everyone's accounts and regions vary so this example is set to the free tier for DynamoDB, Start slowly and ramp up accounts/regions to see how many RCU's you will need.