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aws-cloudformation-templates - A collection of useful CloudFormation templates

  •    Python

Use sample AWS CloudFormation templates to learn how to declare specific AWS resources or solve a particular use case. We recommend that you use sample templates as a starting point for creating your own templates, not for launching production-level environments. Before launching a template, always review the resources that it will create and the permissions it requires.The AWS CloudFormation team and approved contributors provide and maintain sample templates in the aws folder.

aws-autoscaling-gitlab-runner - CloudFormation template to deploy a GitLab Runner with auto-scaling on AWS


This repository consists of an AWS CloudFormation template that may be used to deploy a GitLab runner with Docker executor and auto-scaling based on number of builds on AWS. The runners have a shared cache to speed up builds. Objects in the bucket are automatically expired after a configurable number of days — 0 means that cache objects will never expire.

keights - A Kubernetes installer for AWS

  •    Go

Keights (rhymes with "heights") is a Kubernetes installer for AWS, using CloudFormation and Ansible. CloudFormation templates define all of the AWS resources, such as the API load balancer, autoscaling groups, security groups, and IAM roles.

kombustion - Extend CloudFormation with plugins

  •    Go

Kombustion uses plugins to preprocess and extend your CloudFormation templates. In addition to generating templates, Kombustion can also create, update and delete your CloudFormation stacks.

f5-aws-cloudformation - CloudFormation Templates for quickly deploying BIG-IP services in Amazon Web Services EC2

  •    Shell

Welcome to the GitHub repository for F5's CloudFormation templates for deploying F5 in Amazon Web Services. All of the templates in this repository have been developed by F5 Networks engineers. For information on getting started using F5's CFT templates on GitHub, see Amazon Web Services: Solutions 101 and the README files in each directory.

aws-cloudformation-cognito-identity-pool - A Lambda-backed Custom Resource for a Cognito Identity Pool in CloudFormation

  •    Javascript

Cognito Identity Pools are not currently supported within CloudFormation templates. However, CloudFormation provides extensibility via Custom Resources, which enable Create/Update/Delete operations. This is meant to replace having to manually create Cognito Identity Pools manually via the CLI or web console. See the related blog post for more information.

VaporShell - A PowerShell module for building, packaging and deploying AWS CloudFormation templates

  •    PowerShell

If you are working with YAML templates, you need to install cfn-flip. VaporShell uses cfn-flip under the hood to work with YAML templates, as PowerShell does not natively support YAML at this time. If you are only working in JSON, then cfn-flip isn't necessary. Please inspect code before you run it. Here's a handy link to that raw content for you to review: Install-VaporShell.ps1.

perun - A command-line validation tool for AWS Cloud Formation that allows to conquer the cloud faster!

  •    Go

Perun was created to support work with CloudFormation templates. CloudFormation works in a way that it runs template online in AWS infrastructure and fails after first error - in many cases it is related with particular name length (e.g. maximum length is 64 characters). Instead of doing a round-trip, we would like to detect such cases locally. Application will be compiled as a perun binary inside bin directory in your $GOPATH/perun workspace.

cfoo - CloudFormation master

  •    Ruby

Cfoo (pronounced "sifu") lets you write your CloudFormation templates in YAML, and makes it easier with some helpers. Using Cfoo, it is possible to split your templates up into logical components that will combined to form your CloudFormation template.

amazon-ivs-simple-chat-web-demo - This repository contains a basic live chat implementation built with WebSockets, that can be used in conjunction with Amazon IVS to build compelling customer experiences for live video streams with chat use cases

  •    CSS

A demo web application intended as an educational tool for demonstrating how you can build a very simple Chat backend. In conjunction with Amazon IVS, it can be used to build a compelling customer experience for live streams with chat use-cases. This project is intended for education purposes only and not for production usage.

on-demand - CloudFormation resources for scheduling On-Demand Buildkite Agents with AWS ECS and AWS Fargate

  •    Javascript

Schedule single-shot Buildkite Agents, on-demand, on ECS. Buildkite On-Demand is an event driven Buildkite Agent scheduler. Built on the Buildkite AWS EventBridge integration, containerised Buildkite Agents are scheduled using Amazon Elastic Container Service to run on AWS Fargate or EC2. An agent is created for each build and exits immediately on completion. There are no polling agents, you only pay for the compute platform you use.

cf-doc - Cloud Formation Templates Documentation Generator

  •    Go

cf-doc(1) ⋅ a quick utility to generate docs from Cloudformation templates.

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