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sites-using-cloudflare - :broken_heart: Archived list of domains using Cloudflare DNS at the time of the CloudBleed announcement


This is an (archived) list of sites on Cloudflare DNS at the time of the CloudBleed HTTPS traffic leak announcement. Original vuln thread by Google Project Zero.This list is archived and no longer under active maintenance. It may contain stale or inaccurate data that will not be corrected. Do not link to it from press releases, it is not intended for end-users. If people want to find it, they can Google it.

cloudflare-scrape - A Python module to bypass Cloudflare's anti-bot page.

  •    Python

A simple Python module to bypass Cloudflare's anti-bot page (also known as "I'm Under Attack Mode", or IUAM), implemented with Requests. Cloudflare changes their techniques periodically, so I will update this repo frequently. This can be useful if you wish to scrape or crawl a website protected with Cloudflare. Cloudflare's anti-bot page currently just checks if the client supports Javascript, though they may add additional techniques in the future.

boringtun - Userspace WireGuard® Implementation in Rust

  •    Rust

BoringTun is an implementation of the WireGuard® protocol designed for portability and speed. ⚠️ NOTE: This crate is still undergoing review for security concerns. Therefore, we recommend that you take caution before using it in a production application.

wgcf - 🚤 Cross-platform, unofficial CLI for Cloudflare Warp

  •    Go

You can find pre-compiled binaries on the releases page. Run wgcf in a terminal without any arguments to display the help screen. All commands and parameters are documented.

miniflare - 🔥 Fully-local simulator for Cloudflare Workers

  •    TypeScript

Miniflare is a simulator for developing and testing Cloudflare Workers. It's an alternative to wrangler dev, written in TypeScript, that runs your workers in a sandbox implementing Workers' runtime APIs.

CloudFlair - 🔎 Find origin servers of websites behind by CloudFlare using Internet-wide scan data from Censys

  •    Python

CloudFlair is a tool to find origin servers of websites protected by CloudFlare who are publicly exposed and don't restrict network access to the CloudFlare IP ranges as they should. The tool uses Internet-wide scan data from Censys to find exposed IPv4 hosts presenting an SSL certificate associated with the target's domain name.

Cloudflare-CNAME-Setup - Cloudflare Partner Panel

  •    PHP

This project allows Cloudflare Hosting Partner to provide a panel for customers, which allows customers to have CNAME setup for free. cf.tlo.xyz is the site installed the stable version of this panel. The software is up-to-date and you can trust.

cloudflare-docs - Cloudflare’s developer docs.

  •    Javascript

To get write access to this repo, please reach out to the Developer Docs room in chat. Except as otherwise noted, Cloudflare and any contributors grant you a license to the Cloudflare Developer Documentation and other content in this repository under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Public License, see the LICENSE file, and grant you a license to any code in the repository under the MIT License, see the LICENSE-CODE file.

lexicon - Manipulate DNS records on various DNS providers in a standardized way.

  •    Python

Manipulate DNS records on various DNS providers in a standardized/agnostic way. Lexicon provides a way to manipulate DNS records on multiple DNS providers in a standardized way. Lexicon has a CLI but it can also be used as a python library.

terraform-provider-cloudflare - Cloudflare Terraform Provider

  •    Go

For ease of building the provider, Terraform 0.14 is assumed. Before 0.14, the approaches to using a development binary is difficult and error prone. Once the local repository is present, change into that directory and run make build-dev. This will create a new binary in the same directory which will be loaded for your Terraform operations.

isbgpsafeyet.com - Is BGP safe yet?

  •    HTML

Is BGP safe yet? is an initiative by Cloudflare to make BGP more secure by deploying RPKI. A list of major operators tracks the status of their RPKI deployments into three categories: safe, partially safe and unsafe. Contributions are welcome.

doca - A CLI tool that scaffolds API documentation based on JSON HyperSchemas.

  •    Javascript

Doca is a command-line tool that scaffolds API documentation (doca project) based on your JSON Hyper-Schemas (draft-04 supported, draft-07 support forthcoming). Doca bootstraps a full-fledged web app based on React and Webpack. Getting the final documentation is as easy as typing few commands or you can dive deeper and create your own completely different layout. Read the introductory blog post.

node-cloudflare - Node.js API for Client API

  •    Javascript

Cloudflare v4 API bindings for Node.js, providing a sourdough "BREAD" (Browse, Read, Edit, Add, and Delete) interface. Node.js v4 and greater are supported.

cloudflare-plugin-frontend - A React/Redux front-end for Cloudflare's WordPress, Magento2, and cPanel plugins

  •    Javascript

This method is called on every request before it is sent. It should route all absolute URLs to the endpoint for your backend. Requests with relative URLs for things like localization (./lang/*.js) and config (./config.json) should remain unchanged. In index.html create a variable in local storage called cfEmail which contains Cloudflare Client V4 API Email of the current user. - Cloudflare DNS Resolver Landing Page

  •    CSS

The documentation site is built using TypeScript, Pug templates, and Stylus stylesheets. Webpack is used to compile these assets into a build hosted on Cloudflare. A local copy can be run by first installing the project dependencies with Yarn (or NPM). Once that command completes, start the development server.

cloudflare - CloudFlare® command line tool and Go client

  •    Go

Golang API Client for CloudFlare® API v4. CloudFlare is a registered trademark of CloudFlare, Inc.

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