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ClouderaCMS is an CMS web application which uses ASP.NET and Windows Azure.

lib - Perl Utility Library for my other repos

  •    Perl

My personal Perl library, full of lots of validation code and utility functions. Continuous Integration is run on this repo to build and unit test it (Test::More, almost 800 unit tests).

cdsw-simple-serving - Modeling Lifecycle with ACME Occupancy Detection and Cloudera

  •    Scala

Data science is more than just modeling. The complete data science lifecycle also includes data engineering and model deployment. This project offers a simplified yet credible example of all three elements, as implemented using Apache Spark, the Cloudera Data Science Workbench, and JPMML / OpenScoring. In this project, the ACME corporation is productionizing a connected-house platform. Part of this service requires predicting the occupancy of a room given sensor readings.