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Pring - Cloud Firestore model framework for iOS - Google

  •    Swift

Please donate to continue development. Firestore model framework. The concept of Document and Collection has been added to Firestore. Pring defines the Scheme of the Document and enables type - safe programming. SubCollection can also be defined in Scheme.

pring.ts - Cloud Firestore model framework for TypeScript - Google

  •    TypeScript

⚠️ This library still contains bugs. Pring uses a decorator. Set experimentalDecorators to true.

ChatHub - A full featured chat in android using Firestore

  •    Kotlin

In this era of the social media craze and internet age, where smartphones have become a core part in peoples' lives. And with millions monthly active users on advanced chat apps such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, Telegram etc, we (consumers) have started taking these awesome features as for granted. This have become a trouble and headache for indie developers (especially those who provide development services or freelancing) to create such feature-rich platforms in constrained time. So, ChatHub is an open-source feature-rich chat platform (initially for Android) using Firebase's Cloud Firestore database as backend. Android Developers can easily use this platform in their apps and integrate highly advanced feature-rich chat system within a short time.