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rules_closure - Ivory Tower JavaScript Build System

  •    Java

Closure Rules provides a polished JavaScript build system for Bazel that emphasizes type safety, strictness, testability, and optimization. These rules are built with the Closure Tools, which are what Google used to create websites like Google.com and Gmail. The goal of this project is to take the frontend development methodology that Google actually uses internally, and make it easily available to outside developers.Closure Rules is an abstract build system. This is what sets it apart from Grunt, Gulp, Webpacker, Brunch, Broccoli, etc. These projects all provide a concrete framework for explaining how to build your project. Closure Rules instead provides a framework for declaring what your project is. Closure Rules is then able to use this abstract definition to infer an optimal build strategy.

closure-library-phantomjs - Google-Closure-Library's unittest runner with PhantomJS.

  •    Javascript

Closure Library PhantomJS is the unittest runner on command-line. This runs tests under phantomjs and Google Closure Library. And this will be able to output the test results in a variety of formats including formats TAP, Spec, Dot.

generator-closure - Closure Library generator using Yeoman

  •    Javascript

Create a fully working Closure Library project in seconds. The Library version is for closure libraries that have no web output. The location of your project's base changes to lib/ instead of the default one app/js/.

closure-webpack-plugin - Webpack Google Closure Compiler and Closure Library plugin -

  •    Javascript

This plugin supports the use of Google's Closure Tools with webpack. Closure-Compiler is a full optimizing compiler and transpiler. It offers unmatched optimizations, provides type checking and can easily target transpilation to different versions of ECMASCRIPT.