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redux-preload - Preload actions on both server & client side (allows deep nesting of components)

  •    Javascript

Module is using to dispatch some actions (usually async data fetching) immediately after the rendering occurs. Works both on client and server sides. On server to get all goodness of isomorphic-deeply-nested-component-data-prefetch you need to call serverPreload(routerContext) with router context.

r2-starter-kit - R^2 Starter Kit is a boilerplate for web development built on top of React, Redux, Redux Thunk and Webpack 4

  •    Javascript

R^2 Starter Kit is an boilerplate for web development built on top of React, Redux and Webpack 4. It will start a development server which listen to 8080 port.

next-persist - Bridging the gap between client-side persistence and server-side rendering.

  •    TypeScript

'What is next-persist?' Well, next-persist is a lightweight NPM package developed to simplify the process of storing and reconciling non-critical persistent client state while retaining the benefits of server side rendering and static site generation provided by Next.js. Well now you can! next-persist provides a simple solution for your dynamic, isomorphic web applications. Just import next-persist, set up a quick config and incorporate our functions. We do the rest, delivering you the benefits of server side rendering and persistent client data.

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