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carbon-now-cli - 🎨 Beautiful images of your code — from right inside your terminal.

  •    Javascript

🎨 Beautiful images of your code — from right inside your terminal. carbon.now.sh by @dawn_labs is a wonderful tool that lets you generate beautiful images of your source code through an intuitive UI, while letting you customize aspects like fonts, themes, window controls and much more.

fillin - fill-in your command and execute

  •    Go

We rely on shell history in our terminal operation. We search from our shell history and execute commands dozens times in a day. Some programmers execute same commands switching servers. We do not just login with ssh {{hostname}}, we also connect to the database with psql -h {{psql:hostname}} -U {{psql:username}} -d {{psql:dbname}} and to Redis server with redis-cli -h {{redis:hostname}} -p {{redis:port}}. We switch the host argument from the localhost (you may omit this), staging and production servers.

dependency-check-py - :closed_lock_with_key: Shim to easily install OWASP dependency-check-cli into Python projects

  •    Python

Shim to easily install the OWASP dependency-check-cli tool into Python projects. dependency-check scans application dependencies and checks whether they contain any published vulnerabilities (based on the NIST NVD). It runs in the JVM, so you need some form of java available in your PATH. The script should work on Linux, Mac OSX and Windows, but right now is only tested on Linux.

gitlab-cli - Create a merge request from command line in gitlab

  •    Javascript

gitlab-cli is a command line utility created in JavaScript. Inspired from hub. It tries to provide commands which makes working with gitlab from the command line easier. Above will create merge request for merging feature/feature-name in develop.

stanford-dl - A dead simple script to download videos or pdfs from Stanford Engineering Everywhere.

  •    Go

A simple multithreaded video/pdf downloader from Stanford Engineering Everywhere that just works. NOTE : This tool is to be used strictly for educational purposes.

xo - Command line utility that composes regular expression matches.

  •    Go

xo is a command line utility that composes regular expression match groups. You may find yourself using xo to format logs into something a bit more human-readable, compose together command output into a new command, or even normalize some data using fallback values.

gojo - Yet another Go implementation of jo

  •    Go

Yet another Go implementation of jo. Report bug at Issues・itchyny/gojo - GitHub.

gojq - Pure Go implementation of jq

  •    Go

Pure Go implementation of jq. Nice error messages.