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getopts - Node.js CLI arguments parser

  •    Javascript

Getopts is a Node.js CLI arguments parser. It's designed closely following the Utility Syntax Guidelines so that your programs behave like typical UNIX utilities effortlessly and without sacrificing developer experience. Use getopts to parse the command-line arguments passed to your program.

argh - Argh! A minimalist argument handler.

  •    C++

If you're writing a highly-sophisticated command line tool, then Boost.Program_options and its kind might give you many advanced options. However, if you need to get up and running quickly, effectively and with minimal fuss, give the single header-file argh a try.

Flags - A GNU-style Go-lang 'Flag' inspired PHP command line argument parser.

  •    PHP

Flags is an argument parser inspired by the Go-lang Flag package, taking its methodology but attaching a GNU-style flag parser.As well as the  --  operator for absolute separation of arguments from options.

lua_cliargs - A command-line argument parsing module for Lua.

  •    Lua

Optional arguments can have default values (strings), flags always default to 'true'. See the examples under the examples/ directory.

php-cli - PHP Console Application made easy- build great console apps with ease

  •    PHP

Framework agnostic Command Line Interface utilities and helpers for PHP. Build Console App with ease, fun and love. It can be triggered manually with $command->showHelp() or automatic when -h or --help option is passed to $command->parse().