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Alaveteli - Provide a Freedom of Information request system for your jurisdiction

  •    Ruby

Provide a Freedom of Information request system for your jurisdiction. It’s a simple concept: citizens use Alaveteli to request information, and the replies are recorded for all to see on the website. Historic requests, along with any resulting correspondence, are archived publicly online. This increases the availability of the requested information, and encourages transparency. Therefore, Alaveteli acts both as a useful tool for citizens, and as an advocacy tool for right-to-know campaigners.

FixMyStreet - mySociety's popular map-based reporting platform

  •    Perl

FixMyStreet Platform is an open source project to help people run websites for reporting common street problems such as potholes and broken street lights to the appropriate authority.

morph - Take the hassle out of web scraping

  •    Ruby

Development is supported on Linux and Mac OS X. Just follow the instructions on the Docker site.

fixmystreet-mobile - Cordova application for making reports to FixMyStreet

  •    Javascript

This is the FixMyStreet mobile app for reporting problems to an instance of the FixMyStreet platform - https://github.com/mysociety/fixmystreet.It's still in development at the moment and only a small amount of time has been spent on making it re-brandable/re-usable so if you want to create your own version on top of it you may be in for a bumpy ride.

theyworkforyou - Keeping tabs on the UK's parliaments and assemblies

  •    Python

If you're looking to set up a new Parliamentary monitoring site then you should look at our Pombola probject at https://www.mysociety.org/international/pombola/ which takes the lessons we've learned from writing and running TheyWorkForYou and uses them to create a modern, flexible and more easily adaptable platform for creating your own Parliamentary monitoring site. We strongly encourage people to use this rather than trying to adapt TheyWorkForYou to their own requirements.If you want to dig in to the source of TheyWorkForYou then carry right on below.

yournextrepresentative - A website for crowd-sourcing structured election candidate data

  •    Python

YourNextRepresentative is a open source platform for crowd-sourcing information about candidates for political office and making it available as open data to anyone.The core data that YourNextRepresentative collects includes who is standing, what party they’re standing for, their contact details, their social media accounts etc. The software requires that each change is submitted with a source, so that the collected information can be independently checked.


  •    Javascript

HealthTools is a suite of data-driven web and SMS-based tools that help citizens check everything from medicine prices and hospital services, to whether their doctor is a quack or not. The toolkit was pioneered in Kenya, and has since also been deployed in Ghana, Nigeria, and South Africa. ...

am-i-rent-stabilized - A web app to inform NYC residents about rent stabilization

  •    CSS

A mobile friendly, multi-lingual web app that informs NYC residents about Rent Stabilization by simplifying the process of how to find out if their apartment may be rent stabilized, if they are paying too much rent, and what to do about it. See it in action at amirentstabilized.com.

openaustralia-parser - Parser component for OpenAustralia.org

  •    Ruby

While we have largely automated data updates to OpenAustralia.org, the parliamentary calendar and people records (and their ministerial roles) must be updated manually. This section explains how you can update these bits and check your changes. The parliamentary sitting dates are shown on the calendar on OpenAustralia.org and as a little banner on the front page. These are both based on information in recess.php in the web application's repository.