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hicicd - Microservices Continuously Integration and Continuously Delivery Tool

  •    Go

I’m trying not to reinvent the wheel as long as there is an open source CI/CD tool that meets my needs that any developers can build, test, and deploy the web application from the source code without any configurations, and the answer is NO. That’s the hicicd comes to my mind. Microservices architecture is very popular in modern web application development, build, test, and deploy the application is pretty straight forward, however, to connect, manage, and secure microservices is much harder compare to monolithic web application.

flint - Fast and configurable filesystem (file and directory names) linter

  •    Go

You think there is no place in code reviews to discuss about files naming conventions ? Impose consistent files and directories naming rules with flint: the filesystem linter. Configuration is stored in a .flint.sane file at the root of your project (repo).

terraform-aws-cicd - Terraform Module for CI/CD with AWS Code Pipeline and Code Build

  •    HCL

GitHub -> S3 (build artifact) -> Elastic Beanstalk (running application stack). The module gets the code from a GitHub repository (public or private), builds it by executing the buildspec.yml file from the repository, pushes the built artifact to an S3 bucket, and deploys the artifact to Elastic Beanstalk running one of the supported stacks (e.g. Java, Go, Node, IIS, Python, Ruby, etc.). GitHub -> ECR (Docker image) -> Elastic Beanstalk (running Docker stack). The module gets the code from a GitHub repository, builds a Docker image from it by executing the buildspec.yml and Dockerfile files from the repository, pushes the Docker image to an ECR repository, and deploys the Docker image to Elastic Beanstalk running Docker stack.

terraform-aws-codebuild - Terraform Module to easily leverage AWS CodeBuild for Continuous Integration

  •    HCL

Terraform module to create AWS CodeBuild project for AWS CodePipeline. This project is part of our comprehensive "SweetOps" approach towards DevOps.

CICDScore - This framework allows us to evaluate our maturity level in CI/CD for any application, and also projects the scores in a journey line graph along with some nice and fun badges!

  •    CSS

CICD adds Speed to our release cycles. While adopting CICD , most of the time we don’t know what areas to target for to be really practicing CICD at scale. At the org level , how do we measure our overall CICD adoption and maturity has been a pain point. Measurement removes subjectivity , and helps us to focus and strategize in an objective way.

bitbucket-rest - Java client, built on top of jclouds, for working with Bitbucket's REST API

  •    Java

java client, based on jclouds, to interact with Bitbucket's REST API. Being built on top of jclouds means things are broken up into Apis. Apis are just Interfaces that are analagous to a resource provided by the server-side program (e.g. /api/branches, /api/pullrequest, /api/commits, etc..). The methods within these Interfaces are analagous to an endpoint provided by these resources (e.g. GET /api/branches/my-branch, GET /api/pullrequest/123, DELETE /api/commits/456, etc..). The user only needs to be concerned with which Api they need and then calling its various methods. These methods, much like any java library, return domain objects (e.g. POJO's) modeled after the json returned by bitbucket.

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