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gnomecast - Chromecast local files from Linux - supports MKV, subtitles and 4K!

  •    Python

If installing in a mkvirtualenv built virtual environment, make sure you include the --system-site-packages parameter to get the GTK bindings.

pychromecast - Library for Python 3 to communicate with the Google Chromecast.

  •    Python

Check out Home Assistant for a ready-made solution using PyChromecast for controlling and automating your Chromecast or Cast-enabled device like Google Home. Each app that runs on the Chromecast supports namespaces. They specify a JSON-based mini-protocol. This is used to communicate between the Chromecast and your phone/browser and now Python.

mkchromecast - Cast macOS and Linux Audio/Video to your Google Cast and Sonos Devices

  •    Python

This is a program to cast your macOS audio, or Linux audio to your Google Cast devices or Sonos speakers. It can also cast video files. It is written for Python3, and it can stream via node.js, parec (Linux), ffmpeg, or avconv. Mkchromecast is capable of using lossy and lossless audio formats provided that ffmpeg, avconv (Linux), or parec (Linux) are installed. It also supports Multi-room group playback, and 24-bit/96kHz high audio resolution. Additionally, a system tray menu is available.

castnow - commandline chromecast player

  •    Javascript

Castnow is a command-line utility that can be used to play back media files on your Chromecast device. It supports playback of local video files, videos on the web and torrents. You can also re-attach a running playback session (this sentence should belong somewhere else). I currently don't have that much time to maintain this project and have also lost some interest (to be honest). Main reason is that we have had a new TV for a few months that supports casting directly to it using DLNA (you may wanna checkout dlnacast). Feel free to contact me ( simon@sope.io ) if you want to be added as a maintainer to castnow.

PiCAST - PiCAST turns your $35 Raspberry Pi in to a Chromecast like Device.

  •    Shell

PiCAST turns your $35 Raspberry Pi in to a Chromecast and beyond like Device. 2). After setup is done? Make sure it's running, in a browser visit: http://ip-to-your-Pi:3000.

AppleEvents - The unofficial Apple Events app for macOS

  •    Objective-C

This is the unofficial Apple Events app for macOS, inspired by the official Apple TV Events app. Use this app to watch Apple's special events on your Mac while you work.

node-castv2 - An implementation of the Chromecast CASTV2 protocol

  •    Javascript

This module is an implementation of the Chromecast CASTV2 protocol over TLS. The internet is very scarse on information about the new Chromecast protocol so big props go to github.com/vincentbernat and his nodecastor module that helped me start off on the right foot and save a good deal of time in my research. The module provides both a Client and a Server implementation of the low-level protocol. The server is (sadly) pretty useless because device authentication gets in the way for now (and maybe for good). The client still allows you to connect and exchange messages with a Chromecast dongle without any restriction.

node-castv2-client - A Chromecast client based on the new (CASTV2) protocol

  •    Javascript

This module implements a Chromecast client over the new (CASTV2) protocol. A sender app for the DefaultMediaReceiver application is provided, as well as an Application base class and implementations of the basic protocols (see the controllers directory) that should make implementing custom senders a breeze. This implementation tries to stay close and true to the protocol. For details about protocol internals please see https://github.com/thibauts/node-castv2.

chromecast-backgrounds - Archive of all Chromecast background images.

  •    Javascript

Get all those beautiful backgrounds images from the Chromecast home view.

react-native-track-player - A fully fledged audio module created for music apps

  •    Java

Check Platform Support for more information. After trying to team up modules like react-native-sound, react-native-music-controls and react-native-google-cast, I've noticed that their structure and the way should be tied together can cause a lot problems (mainly on Android). Those can heavily affect the app stability and user experience.

node-chromecast-osx-audio - Stream OS X audio input to a local Chromecast device.

  •    Javascript

Streams macOS audio input to a local Chromecast device.Global installation exposes the chromecast command to your shell. Running this command will start listening to input, and connect to a local Chromecast with a stream of that input.

show-time - Watch TV shows and movies with a simple CLI

  •    Javascript

Those steps are optional, you can just run show-time and skip the feed option, you'll be in "Browse mode" by default. Binding arbitrary free ports and not playing video means you can run the command as many times as you want.

awesome-smart-tv - :zap:A curated list of awesome resources for building Smart TV apps


Smart TV is a growing platform of TVs having access to internet and allowing to serf web-sites and install applications. It has own ecosystem with main players like Samsung, LG, Android TV and Apple TV. In this list you will find official and third-party resources for developing Smart TV apps and communicating with TV from remote devices.Below are the most popular platforms for Smart TV. The full list is here.

nodecastor - Experiment to implement a sender API for Chromecast in Node.js

  •    Javascript

This library is an experiment to provide a sender API for Google Chromecast devices using mDNS and some TLS protobuf protocol instead of the DIAL discovery protocol. Early Chromecasts made use of DIAL but Google switched away from it. While SSDP/DIAL support is still present and some applications are still using it (like YouTube), existing applications have to migrate to the new SDK using the new protocol. This library doesn't support DIAL/SSDP (and hence the applications relying on it). See nodecast instead.

peer-dial - peer-dial is a simple Node

  •    Javascript

The peer-dial modules contains implementation for DIAL Client and Server. For DIAL Server usage please have a look to the following example (test/dial-server.js). In this example the DIAL Server supports the "YouTube" App through DIAL. This DIAL Server should be discoverable from YouTube App on iOS or Android. Just click on the cast button in the YouTube mobile App and select the name of your device. You can extend this example to support your custum DIAL Apps. Additional configuration parameters like additionalData, namespaces, extraHeaders, etc. which are not used in the YouTube DIAL App are commented in this example. peer-dial uses these parameters to generate the UPnP device description and DIAL app description xml as defined in the DIAL Spec.

ChromeCastCore - An open source implementation of the Google Cast SDK for macOS

  •    Swift

This framework implements the Google Cast APIs so they can be used in macOS apps. Google provides an official SDK but it is only for iOS and closed source. I have only tested on 10.12, but it should work on 10.11 and even on iOS (with some minor changes).

node-ssdp - node.js SSDP client/server.

  •    Javascript

There is another package called ssdp which is the original unmaintained version. Make sure to install node-ssdp instead. Take a look at example directory as well to see examples or client and server.

spotify-castv2-client - Spotify CastV2 Client

  •    Javascript

Now you can cast Spotify over a Chromecast. It doesn't require any OAuth client configured, you have to provide your Spotify credentials.

chromecastjs - JavaScript project based on ChromeCast API to build ChromeCast apps very easy

  •    Javascript

JavaScript project based on ChromeCast API to build ChromeCast apps very easy

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