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serverless-chrome - 🌐 Run headless Chrome/Chromium on AWS Lambda (maybe Azure, & GCP later)

  •    Javascript

Serverless Chrome contains everything you need to get started running headless Chrome on AWS Lambda (possibly Azure and GCP Functions soon). Why? Because it's neat. It also opens up interesting possibilities for using the Chrome DevTools Protocol (and tools like Chromeless or Puppeteer) in serverless architectures and doing testing/CI, web-scraping, pre-rendering, etc.

chrome-devtools-protocol - Chrome Devtools Protocol client for PHP

  •    PHP

PHP client for Chrome Devtools Protocol. Headless Chrome supports feature called browser contexts - they're like incognito windows - cookies, local storage etc. are not shared. After browser context is destroyed, user data created in given context, are destroyed.

cdp - Package cdp provides type-safe bindings for the Chrome DevTools Protocol (CDP), written in the Go programming language

  •    Go

Package cdp provides type-safe bindings for the Chrome Debugging Protocol (CDP), written in the Go programming language. The bindings are generated (by cdpgen) from the latest tip-of-tree (tot) protocol definitions and are mainly intended for use with Google Chrome or Chromium, however, they can be used with any debug target (Node.js, Edge, Safari, etc.) that implement the protocol. This package can be used for any kind of browser automation, scripting or debugging via the Chrome Debugging Protocol.

go-chrome - A golang library for interacting with the Chrome DevTools Protocol

  •    Go

This package aims to be a complete Chrome DevTools Protocol implementation. The primary use-case behind this project is interacting with headless Google Chrome in a container environment, but it should be appropriate for developing server side and desktop applications for any browser that supports the devtools protocol. The API is fairly settled and basic code-coverage tests have been implemented but real-world testing is needed. Page.captureScreenshot and related calls are working well and are regularly used for validating the viability of code changes.

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