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ShaderEditorExtension - Google Chrome DevTools extension to live edit WebGL GLSL shaders

  •    Javascript

Alternatively, you can pack the extension yourself and load by dropping the .crx file in the Extensions page.

WebVR-Extension - Chrome DevTools extension to emulate WebVR API

  •    Javascript

Chrome DevTools extension that enables users and developers to run WebVR 1.0 content without having a supported HMD headset or even a compatible browser/platform. It currently emulates an HTC Vive. It can also help develop even if one owns an HMD, by making repetitive actions that require putting the HMD on and off easier to check through the DevTools panel.

polydev - Automatic web components profiling in chrome devtools

  •    HTML

polydev is the Polymer DevTools Extension - a tool to help develop Polymer and custom elements. Currently it's focused on performance tracking of web components. Each web component lifecycle callback will be annotated as a span in the timeline called a measure, representing the time that it took. If a measure is below another measure, the lower callback took place during the higher callback.