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Spelling Quiz Manager


This is a project I started years ago to help my kids with their spelling tests at school. It's far from perfect, but a good start anyway!


  •    Silverlight

Doodling application. For kids.


  •    JQuery

Get the first element(s) that matches the selector by testing the element itself and traversing down through its descendants in the DOM tree level by level. It use a breadth first search (BFS), that mean it will going deeper in a subtree only until the first matching descendant was found in the current subtree.

file-tree - Generate a tree of file metadata that matches d3's hierarchy layout format

  •    Javascript

A more flexible, asynchronous version of file-size-tree.Takes an array of files.

knockoutjs-reactor - Recursively tracks changes within a view model no matter how deeply nested the observables are or whether they are nested within dynamically created array elements

  •    Javascript

A KnockoutJS plugin that lets you track all changes within a view model seamlessly with the ability to pin point and process them on the fly. It does not require any modifications to the markup or view model itself which makes it ideal for testing and quick prototyping. targetObjectOrFunction accepts any subscribable or function/object containing the targeted subscribables. options is only optional and can be replaced by evaluatorCallback the response and evaluation function.

django-treenode - Probably the best abstract model / admin for your tree based stuff.

  •    Python

Probably the best abstract model / admin for your tree based stuff. The TreeNodeModel abstract class adds many fields (prefixed with tn_ to prevent direct access) and public methods to your models.

props-provider - React Component for passing props to dynamic children

  •    Javascript

The PropsProvider component primarily allows components to defer rendering details to their children. This allows for a higher degree of component reuse when those aspects are not intrinsically tied to each other. This same concept already being used in many widely adopted libraries. For example, React Router v4 uses this idea to allow for deferred rendering of links. The advantage to using this component is standardization of the concept as well as additional functionality.

reactive-turtle - Scala and Akka for kids

  •    Scala

This, is a story, about a father and his son, then about the father the father the father, and then again his son. I have a son called Elian, he’s 11 and he’s very smart, so I decided to teach him programming. Obviously I love him, so I choose to go with Scala. I started with some basics, vals and defs for doing some maths, but it quickly became boring so my son lost the interest.

react-input-children - InputChildren is a replacement for the base input react component capable of rendering a child (link, button

  •    TypeScript

InputChildren is a replacement for the base input react component capable of rendering a child (link, button...) inside the input itself. It supports the same props of react input. Inside componentDidMount InputChildren gets height and width of the child div wrapper and uses them to position it correctly inside the input and to give the correct right padding to the input itself.

seapig - 🌊🐷 Utility for generalized composition of React components

  •    Javascript

Sea pig stands for (Children Props Internal Getter), except the C is spelled phonetically. seapig is here to help you compose your React Components in a consistent and flexible manner. It provides a mechanism to organize components that form into a single idea without limiting the types of components you can use.

ArduinoCourse - Arduino cursus gegeven bij De Jonge Onderzoekers te Groningen

  •    C++

Dit is de GitHub van de Nederlandse Arduino cursus gegeven bij De Jonge Onderzoekers te Groningen. Zie Lesplanning.

Dojo - Programmeercursus op de donderdag bij De Jonge Onderzoekers

  •    HTML

Aan computers vertellen wat ze moeten doen is de kern van programmeren. Wil jij dit ook kunnen? Elke donderdagavond kun je bij de DOJO leren hoe je je eigen interactieve programma's maakt, zoals een échte game! De jongsten maken programma's voor de desktop PC, de tieners mogen zich wagen aan webgames, apps en andere platforms. Voorkennis is niet nodig. Deze avond is een cursusavond, waarin samen leren programmeren voorop staat. Je zult aan de slag gaan met Processing of C++, maar je bent ook vrij je eigen weg te kiezen.

ember-ignore-children-helper - Helps you ignore events that didn't directly target your own element.

  •    Javascript

No actual children were neglected in the making of this addon. This Ember addon provides a single helper named ignore-children. It lets you declare an event handler that will only fire for events that directly target the given element. Events from its children will be ignored.

react-flatten-children - React utility to flatten fragments 🗜

  •    Javascript

In many cases you have to introspect children, it can be to use the first route matching a path, extract the label of a tab, or another use case.

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