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NIM_iOS_UIKit - 网易云信 iOS UI 组件,提供聊天界面,文本消息,图片消息,语音消息,视频消息,地理位置消息,自定义消息(阅后即焚)等消息示例

  •    Objective-C

网易云信 iOS UI 组件,提供聊天界面,文本消息,图片消息,语音消息,视频消息,地理位置消息,自定义消息(阅后即焚)等消息示例

Tinode - Instant Messaging Server

  •    Go

Tinode is a Instant Messaging Server. It is not XMPP/Jabber. It is not compatible with XMPP. It's meant as a replacement for XMPP. On the surface, it's a lot like open source WhatsApp or Telegram. The goal of this project is to deliver on XMPP's original vision: create a modern open platform for federated instant messaging with an emphasis on mobile communication. A secondary goal is to create a decentralized IM platform that is much harder to track and block by the governments.

Live Helper Chat - Live support for your website

  •    PHP

Live Helper Chat is an Open source live support chat for your website with bot, Voice & Video & ScreenShare, AI, Rest API integrations. You can also use LHC with any AI like Rasa or DeepPavlov.

vue-advanced-chat - A beautiful chat rooms component made with Vue

  •    Vue

A Progressive Web Application showcasing all the features of vue-advanced-chat component. Built with Firestore, Vuetify, and Push Notifications. If you wish to get premium access to the real world example source code, please contact me by email.

Darkwire.io - End-to-end encrypted instant web chat

  •    Javascript

Simple encrypted web chat. Powered by socket.io, the web cryptography API. This project is an example of how client side encryption works and how you can integrate it as a chat service. Darkwire server is a Node.js application that requires redis. The Darkwire.io web client is written in JavaScript with React JS and Redux. It uses a combination of asymmetric encryption (RSA-OAEP), symmetric session keys (AES-CBC) and signing keys (HMAC) for security.

mibew - Mibew Messenger - open-source live support application

  •    PHP

Mibew Messenger is an open-source live support application written in PHP and MySQL. It enables one-on-one chat assistance in real-time directly from your website. This repository contains the core of Mibew Messenger application.

example-react-js - Example Tinode web chat using React

  •    HTML

Example using Tinode to build a single-page chat application. The app uses React, Google's material design fonts and icons. The Tinode javascript library has no external dependencies. Overall it's a lot like open source WhatsApp or Telegram web apps.Although the app is generally usable, keep in mind that this is work in progress. Some bugs probably exist. The app was tested in the latest Chrome & Firefox only.

Applozic-iOS-SDK - iOS Real Time Chat & Messaging SDK

  •    Objective-C

Open source iOS Chat and Messaging SDK that lets you add real time messaging in your mobile (android, iOS) applications and website. Signup at https://www.applozic.com/signup.html to get the application key.

ucx_chat - UcxUcc is a simple but powerful team collaboration suite of applications designed to improve communications, information sharing and productivity for the businesses small and large

  •    Elixir

This is a pre-release verson of this project. The project is being refactored and renamed. Once we get the new project working with feature parity, this project will be removed. Your welcome to submit issues against this project until the new project is posted. However, please don't submit PRs. Development on this project has ended.

ucx_ucc - A Team Collaboration Suite

  •    Elixir

UcxUcc is a simple but powerful team collaboration suite of applications designed to improve communications, information sharing and productivity for the businesses small and large. Checkout an older version's Live Demo. Click on the Register a new account link on the sign in page to create an account. This is actually the live demo of the ucx_chat project. ucx_ucc is based on a significantly different architecture that allows for adding custom plug-ins without extending the base project.

chat-SDK-JS - Skygear chat plugin SDK for JS

  •    Javascript

And the Chat Plugin make Skygear group conversation possible. This SDK helps you work with Skygear Chat Plugin in JS environment..

cryptochat - Encrypted P2P chat over ICMP.

  •    Javascript

Encrypted P2P chat over ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol). I strongly advise you to pick a high-entropy encryption key to avoid the possibility of brute-force attacks.

chattt - ❯❯❯ Chat without leaving your terminal

  •    Javascript

Chat without leaving your terminal. When chattt opens, you are asked the channel name that you want to join. Enter the channel name, and then enter your desired user handle.

BotInc - Platform for chat-bots VKontakte

  •    PHP

Это расширяемая система для чат-ботов сети Вконтакте, работающая через callback API. Поддерживаются расширения в виде функций и хуков. Переходим в папку install, импортируем структуры mysql и настраиваем конфиги веб-сервера.

ng-chat - 💬 A simple facebook/linkedin lookalike chat module for Angular applications.

  •    TypeScript

A simple facebook/linkedin lookalike chat module for Angular applications. In order to instruct this module in how to send and receive messages within your software, you will have to implement your own ChatAdapter. The class that you will be implementing is the one that you must provide as an instance to the [adapter] setting of the module discussed above.

watercooler - Building a distributed chatroom with Raxx.Kit

  •    Elixir

This is the code example for a distributed chatroom built with Raxx.Kit. The full discussion around building it can be found in this blog post.

tick.chat - Chat via nearby persons. Instant, Secure, Anonymously. 🕶

  •    Javascript

Tick's main aim is to removing prejudgments. You can chat nearby persons in anonymously. There have been tons of startups for these. Yay! You decided first look.

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