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rewarded-ads-sample - Sample project to show rewarded ads on your android app

  •    Java

3 ad network types are supported. PR's are welcome for other ad networks. LifeCycleRegistry is used to handle lifecycle in Ad instances.

samcodes-ads-demo - :dollar: Demonstrates Haxe/OpenFL bindings for Chartboost and AdMob ads

  •    Haxe

Demo of AdMob and Chartboost ads haxelibs for Android and iOS OpenFL targets. To use test mode ads, enter your hashed device id. Refer to the AdMob documentation for instructions.

samcodes-chartboost - :moneybag: Unofficial Chartboost ads support for Haxe/OpenFL Android and iOS targets

  •    Objective-C

Unofficial Chartboost ads library support for OpenFL Android and iOS targets. See the demo app here. See the demo app for a complete example using a custom listener.

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