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chan - Pure C implementation of Go channels.

Pure C implementation of Go channels.Unbuffered channels provide both a mechanism for communication as well as synchronization. When data is sent into the channel, the sender blocks until a receiver is ready. Likewise, a receiver will block until a sender is ready.

sse-channel - Server-Sent Events "channel" where all messages are broadcasted to all connected clients, history is maintained automatically and server attempts to keep clients alive by sending "keep-alive" packets automatically

Server-Sent Events "channel" where all messages are broadcasted to all connected clients, history is maintained automatically and server attempts to keep clients alive by sending "keep-alive" packets automatically.

bitcore-channel - Payment channels smart contract support for bitcore.

A module for bitcore that implements Payment Channels. Payment channels (sometimes referred as micropayment channels) are a type of smart contracts that allow rapidly adjusting bitcoin transactions. This can be used to do trustless simultaneous payments with a service provider without the need of an intermediary, and some other applications.See the main bitcore repo or the bitcore guide on Payment Channels for more information.

Portage - Fast pub/sub for JS

Works with AMD, CommonJS, global (as portage) and ES6.Portage is utilizing a tree structure to quickly match publications with subscriptions; including support for subscriptions with wild cards (see below).

ember-phoenix-chan - Ember-data adapter mixin for Elixir Phoenix channels

Elixir has a great web framework called Phoenix that ships with support for real-time communication (via sockets / long poll). Ember, being a front-end framework, can benefit a lot from gaining real-time capabilities. This addon grabs phoenix.js from the Phoenix framework and puts it into your Ember app.

substream - Volatile namespaces on top of Primus streams

SubStream is a simple stream multiplexer for Primus. It allows you to create simple message channels which only receive the information you send to it. These channels are in fact, streams, which is why this module is called SubStreams because it adds small streams on top of the main stream and intercepts them.The module can only be used in conjunction with Primus so make sure that your application is using that as its real-time backend.


It should be noted that this library as it stands right now is an early beta release. As such, there might be some unexpected results. Please join the community (see links below) and post issues, to ensure that the developers of the library can improve it.If you want to get involved in the community, need help with getting setup, have any issues related with the library or just want to discuss Blockchain, Distributed Ledgers and IoT with other people, feel free to join our Slack. Slack You can also ask questions on our dedicated forum at: IOTA Forum.

broadcast - Notification channel for the past, the present, and the future.

Previously known as notify-js, broadcast is a private or public notification chanel inspired by standards. Useful for loaders, components bootstrap, geo position updates, and all other asynchronous or on demand user granted privileges operations, broadcast works on every browser and every platform, it's 100% tests covered, and it weights less than 1Kb.

channel - two-sided event emitter with support for middleware

Event comes in here, event comes out there. A channel is a two-sided event emitter with support for middleware. If you emit an event on the a side it will come out on the b side, and vice versa.

event-class - An event / channel JavaScript (ES6) class

Trigger and listen to events the ES6 way. This script is an ES6 module. It exports a simple ES6 class.