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bip32-utils - A small set of utilities for use with BIP32 HD key nodes

  •    Javascript

A set of utilities for working with BIP32. Compatible with bitcoinjs-lib ^2.0.0 and ^3.0.0.

qfactom - kdb+ wrapper library for interacting with the factom client (factomd) and wallet (factom-walletd) applications via the v2 REST APIs

  •    C

qfactom is a kdb+ wrapper library designed to interact with the Factom blockchain via the factomd client (factomd) and wallet (factom-walletd) REST APIs. The library allows records, in the form of kdb+ tables, lists etc, to be easily secured on the Factom blockchain through the use of simple q function. Entries made to Factom chains can serve as a Proof of Existence, enabling cryptographically secure audit trails to be constructed. Data stored on existing Factom chains, like those used to hold Stock market prices, can also be easily extracted and coverted to kdb+ table format, see example. Combining the speed and scalability of kdb+, with the security and scalability of Factom, enables millions of records to be secured quickly and safely.

altcoin-bitcoin-explorer - PHP Altcoin/Bitcoin Data Explorer

  •    PHP

This package can get transaction information with Bitcoin protocol. It can send HTTP requests to a Bitcoin peer server to perform several operations.

merkle-lib - A performance conscious library for merkle root and tree calculations.

  •    Javascript

A performance conscious library for merkle root and tree calculations. This implementation is vulnerable to a forgery attack as a second pre-image attack, see these[1][2] crypto.stackexchange questions for an explanation. To avoid this vulnerability, you should pre-hash your leaves using a different hash function than the function provided such that H(x) != H'(x).