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NadaConfig (An easy and simple centralized configuration system)


NadaConfig is a centralized configuration system that will let client applications retrieve their configuration data from a unique store on a server.

Sponge - SharePoint Framework


Sponge is a SharePoint Framework that contains centralized logging and configuration, as well as other useful Controls, Web Parts and Application Pages.

knockoutjs-reactor - Recursively tracks changes within a view model no matter how deeply nested the observables are or whether they are nested within dynamically created array elements

  •    Javascript

A KnockoutJS plugin that lets you track all changes within a view model seamlessly with the ability to pin point and process them on the fly. It does not require any modifications to the markup or view model itself which makes it ideal for testing and quick prototyping. targetObjectOrFunction accepts any subscribable or function/object containing the targeted subscribables. options is only optional and can be replaced by evaluatorCallback the response and evaluation function.

Blockchain - A verified permissioned centralized Blockchain for Isabelle/HOL

  •    Isabelle

In a modern world, where Things™ are internetworked, distributed, smart, low-power, and pervasive, modern technologies are needed for the progress of society and survival of humanity. Of all generic multi-purpose accounting technologies, blockchains may the the most hyped and medicore technology of our decade. Since the incubation of bitcoin is to celebrate its tenth anniversary soon, the FUD decided not to limb behind and announces the launch of our own blockchain today. Be part of the next generation of distributed hyper blockchain technologies! Add a block to our blockcahin. Send pull requests here.