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terraform-cdk - Define infrastructure resources using programming constructs and provision them using HashiCorp Terraform

  •    TypeScript

This experimental repository contains software which is still being developed and in the alpha testing stage. It is not ready for production use. CDK (Cloud Development Kit) for Terraform allows developers to use familiar programming languages to define cloud infrastructure and provision it through HashiCorp Terraform.

awesome-cdk - A collection of awesome things related to the AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK)

  •    Javascript

Curated list of awesome AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS CDK) open-source projects, guides, blogs and other resources. The AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS CDK) is an open-source software development framework for defining cloud infrastructure in code.

cdk-builds - Angular CDK builds

  •    CSS

The sources for this package are in the main Angular Material repo. Please file issues and pull requests against that repo.

canonical-kubernetes-demos - Official repository for Canonical Kubernetes Demos

  •    Shell

This repository contains source-code and documentation for various Canonical Kubernetes (CDK) demos. These are used for conferences, demonstrations, training and PoC. Most of the documentation for the demos in this repository assume you already have a Canonical Kubernetes cluster up and running. If you need the steps to deploy a cluster, they can be found here: Canonical Kubernetes Deployment Guide.

canonical-kubernetes-third-party-integrations - Official repository for Canonical Kubernetes Third Party Integration Documentation


This repository contains source-code and documentation for various third-party integrations with Canonical Kubernetes (CDK). The documentation here is designed to help deployment of CDK in the field. Most of the documentation in this repository assumes you already have a Canonical Kubernetes cluster up and running. If you need the steps to deploy a cluster, they can be found here: Canonical Kubernetes Deployment Guide.

amazon-chime-sdk-aws-appsync-sample - This sample demonstrates the use of the Chime SDK React components together with an AppSync local resolver implemented with the "None" data source to provide GraphQL mutation driven subscription notifications without being backed by a persistent data store

  •    TypeScript

This repository contains source code for the full "Cross Talk" video chat Chime SDK sample. In addition to these points, this sample utilises the recently released NorthStar design system (https://northstar.aws-prototyping.cloud/) and the AWS Cloud Development Kit (https://aws.amazon.com/cdk/) for the deployment of all infrastructure.

amazon-ecr-replication-for-pub-container-images - Amazon ECR replication for public container images

  •    TypeScript

You may deploy this solution with AWS CDK to any AWS global regions. Please follow Getting started with the AWS CDK to install AWS CLI, Node.js and other tools.

amazon-efs-integrations - Amazon EFS Integrations

  •    TypeScript

This repository provides examples of some of the various Amazon EFS integrations available, beginning with ECS on EC2 and ECS on AWS Fargate. Execute npm run cdk destroy to delete resources pertaining to this example.

reactjs-cognito-starter - Starter project for ReactJS + Amazon Cognito + Amazon Amplify Framework with AWS CDK support

  •    Javascript

You'll need to first go through the CDK instructions in order to provision the requried resources. Then move on to the reactJS part. Each of the two subdirectories has its own README.md file which contains instructions. Please review them first before proceeding.

awscdk-jsii-template - JSII construct library template for AWS CDK

  •    TypeScript

This repository template helps you generate JSII construct library for AWS CDK and aims to simplify the process to develop, build, test and eventually publish your AWS CDK construct lib to npmjs and pipy. From now on, we will refer to this command as pj. Every time you modify .projenrc.js, just run pj.

cdk-cloudfront-plus - CDK constructs library that allows you to build AWS CloudFront Extensions in JavaScript, TypeScript or Python

  •    TypeScript

CDK constructs library that allows you to build AWS CloudFront Extensions in JavaScript, TypeScript or Python.

cdk-efs-assets - Amazon EFS assets from Github repositories or S3 buckets

  •    TypeScript

CDK construct library to populate Amazon EFS assets from Github or S3. If the source is S3, the construct also optionally supports updating the contents in EFS if a new zip file is uploaded to S3. This library supports both AWS Fargate and AWS Lambda as the sync engine. As AWS Lambda currently has know issue with Amazon EFS(#100), the default sync engine is AWS Fargate. You can opt in AWS Lambda with the engine construct property of SyncedAccessPoint.

cdk-eks-spotblocks - AWS CDK construct library to build EC2 Spot Blocks for Amazon EKS

  •    TypeScript

cdk-eks-spotblocks is a JSII construct library for AWS CDK to provison Amazon EKS cluster with EC2 Spot Blocks for defined workloads with the advantages of ensured availability and considerable price reduction for your kubernetes workload. check eks-spot-blocks-demo for a full AWS CDK demo with this construct library.

cdk-eksdistro - CDK construct library that allows you to create Amazon EKS Distro on Amaozn EC2 instance(s)

  •    TypeScript

CDK construct library that allows you to create Amazon EKS Distro on Amaozn EC2 instance(s). Under the hood, cdk-eksdistro creates an Amazon Auto Scaling Group with single Amazon EC2 instance running Ubuntu Linux LTS 20.04 and installs the eks snap from the UserData.

cdk-fargate-patterns - CDK patterns for serverless container with AWS Fargate

  •    TypeScript

Inspired by Vijay Menon from the AWS blog post introduced in 2019, DualAlbFargateService allows you to create one or many fargate services with both internet-facing ALB and internal ALB associated with all services. With this pattern, fargate services will be allowed to intercommunicat via internal ALB while external inbound traffic will be spread across the same service tasks through internet-facing ALB. The sample below will create 3 fargate services associated with both external and internal ALBs. The internal ALB will have an alias(internal.svc.local) auto-configured from Route 53 so services can communite through the private ALB endpoint.

cdk-gitlab - High level CDK construct to provision GitLab integrations with AWS

  •    TypeScript

On deployment with createFargateRunner(), the Fargate Runner will be provisioned in Amazon ECS with AWS Fargate and Amazon ECS Capacity Providers. By default, the FARGATE and FARGATE_SPOT capacity providers are available for the Amazon ECS cluster and the runner and job executor will run on FARGATE_SPOT. You can specify your custom clusterDefaultCapacityProviderStrategy and serviceDefaultCapacityProviderStrategy properties from the FargateRunner construct for different capacity provider strategies.

cdk-image-moderation - Event-driven image moderation and notification with AWS CDK

  •    TypeScript

This sample create a S3 bucket that will trigger image moderation check on object created and send notification to SNS when specific moderation labels are detected. The SNS2Telegram creates a Lambda function as the SNS topic subscription which fires the notification to a private Telegram chatroom with the image preview and moderation result. On deploy completed, you will get the S3 bucket in the Outputs. Simply upload any images into this bucket and you should be able to get the notification from the Telegram chatroom.

cdk-lambda-bash - Deploy Bash Lambda Functions with AWS CDK

  •    TypeScript

AWS Lambda has the docker container image support since AWS re:Invent 2020 which allows you to run your Lambda code in a custom container image. Inspired by nikovirtala/cdk-eks-experiment, cdk-lambda-bash allows you to specify a local shell script and bundle it up as a custom resource in your cdk stack. On cdk deployment, your shell script will be executed in a Lambda container environment. At this moment, we are offering BashExecFunction construct class which is a high-level abstraction of lambda.Function. By defining the script property which poins to your local shell script, on cdk deploy, this script will be bundled into a custom docker image and published as a lambda.DockerImageFunction.

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