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NymphCast - Audio and video casting system with support for custom applications.

  •    C++

NymphCast is a software solution which turns your choice of Linux-capable hardware into an audio and video source for a television or powered speakers. It enables the streaming of audio and video over the network from a wide range of client devices, as well as the streaming of internet media to a NymphCast server, controlled by a client device. In addition, the server supports powerful NymphCast apps written in AngelScript to extend the overall NymphCast functionality with e.g. 3rd party audio / video streaming protocol support on the server side, and cross-platform control panels served to the client application that integrate with the overall client experience.

littlewolf - The tiny software graphics and game engine

  •    C

Littlewolf aims to be a very minimalistic software graphics engine reminiscent to some of the early works of Carmack at id.

osom - An Awesome [/osom/] Object Data Modeling (Database Agnostic).

  •    Javascript

An Awesome [/osom/] Object Data Modeling. Inspired in mongoose but Database Agnostic. After that, you will have a validator function that you can invoke passing the object to be validate.

typeablejs - A library for checking and casting types.

  •    Javascript

A library for checking and casting types. This is a light weight open source package for use on server or in browser (using module bundler). The source code is available on GitHub where you can also find our issue tracker.

vue-rawmodel - RawModel.js plugin for Vue.js v2. Form validation has never been easier!

  •    TypeScript

This plugin integrates RawModel.js framework into your Vue.js application. RawModel.js is a simple framework which provides a strongly-typed JavaScript object with support for validation and error handling. It has a rich API which significantly simplifies server-side and client-side data validation and manipulation. Because it's an unopinionated framework it flawlessly integrates with popular modules like vuex, apollo-client and other related libraries.

OpenCastSwift - An open source implementation of the Google Cast SDK written in Swift

  •    Swift

This framework implements the Google Cast APIs so they can be used in macOS and iOS apps. Google provides an official SDK but it is only for iOS and closed source. I've tested this to work on macOS 10.12 and iOS 11. It may work on earlier versions, I just haven't tested it. Sample apps with some basic functionality are included for both macOS and iOS. The iOS app is more built-out with a working example of casting an audio stream.

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