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generator-cf - Yeoman generator for Capital Framework

  •    Javascript

Yeoman generator for Capital Framework. Edit the source files and re-run yo cf to see the changes. Please modify the current tests or write new tests if you add functionality to the generator. Tests can be executed by running npm test from the project's root.

capital-framework - The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's user interface framework

  •    Javascript

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's user interface framework. If you don't want to use the generator-cf Yeoman generator, you can download the Capital Framework source files and import them into your project.

capital-framework-sandbox - A place to play and edit Capital Framework components.

  •    CSS

Description: The static sandbox used to test changes to Capital Framework. Includes all existing components. This will start the Jekyll server and the Gulp watch task. BrowserSync should launch a new browser window displaying the site at http://localhost:3000.

cfgov-refresh - Django project protecting American consumers

  •    Python

The redesign of the www.consumerfinance.gov website. This Django project includes the front-end assets and build tools, Jinja templates for front-end rendering, and Wagtail CMS for content administration. Full installation and usage instructions are available in our documentation.

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