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hackermath - Introduction to Statistics and Basics of Mathematics for Data Science - The Hacker's Way

  •    Jupyter

Math literacy, including proficiency in Linear Algebra and Statistics,is a must for anyone pursuing a career in data science. The goal of this workshop is to introduce some key concepts from these domains that get used repeatedly in data science applications. Our approach is what we call the “Hacker’s way”. Instead of going back to formulae and proofs, we teach the concepts by writing code. And in practical applications. Concepts don’t remain sticky if the usage is never taught. The focus will be on depth rather than breadth. Three areas are chosen - Hypothesis Testing, Supervised Learning and Unsupervised Learning. They will be covered to sufficient depth - 50% of the time will be on the concepts and 50% of the time will be spent coding them.


  •    DotNet

This library helps translating mathematical formulas/concepts with very little code! It also assists with efficiently executing multiple mathematical functions simultaniously. Avoid writing trivial code by using classes for basic operations, calculus, statistics and more...

Math.Net PowerShell


PowerShell environment for Math.Net Numerics library, defines a few cmdlets that allow to create and manipulate matrices using a straightforward syntax.

newton-api - A really micro micro-service for advanced math

  •    Javascript

Newton does anything from numerical calculation to symbolic math parsing. Send a GET request to newton with a url-encoded math expression and your preferred operation. Get back a JSON response with your problem solved.

Complex.js - A complex number library

  •    Javascript

Complex.js is a well tested JavaScript library to work with complex number arithmetic in JavaScript. It implements every elementary complex number manipulation function and the API is intentionally similar to Fraction.js. Furthermore, it's the basis of Polynomial.js and Math.js.Any function (see below) as well as the constructor of the Complex class parses its input like this.

ode-rk4 - Integrate a system of ODEs using the Fourth Order Runge-Kutta (RK-4) method

  •    Javascript

For a similar adaptive method using the fifth order Cash-Karp Runge-Kutta method with fourth order embedded error estimator, see ode45-cash-karp.Returns: Initialized integrator object.

ode45-cash-karp - Integrate a system of Ordinary Differential Equations using the Fifth Order Adaptive Cash-Karp method

  •    Javascript

where is a vector of length . Given time step , the Cash-Karp method uses a fifth order Runge-Kutta scheme with a fourth order embedded estimator in order to control the error. In other words, the same intermediate values used in calculating the fifth order update can be used to calculate a fourth order estimate. The difference yields an error estimate, and the error estimate controls the timestep .Initialized integrator object.

Precalc - This repo contains some code which can graph equations in a UIView.

  •    Swift

This repo contains some code which can graph equations in a UIView. Basically, you define an equation, tell the graph what color to draw in, and CoreGraphics does the rest.

mesh-laplacian - Computes coefficients of the Laplacian for a mesh

  •    Javascript

Computes the Laplacian of a mesh. Constructs the mesh Laplacian for a given surface mesh using barycentric cotangent weights.

Complex - Calculations with Complex Numbers in JavaScript

  •    Javascript

Complex is a additional Type to deal with Complex Numbers in JavaScript. It provides several methods to add, multiply numbers as well as calculate the magnitude and angle in the complex plane. Complex can be built for the browser with wrapup or other tools that can generate browser JS from Node packages.

intuitive-math - Intuitive math descriptions and animations (like 3b1b)

  •    Javascript

All the visualizations for this project are separate components that you can re-use throughout the project. Be aware that Animation and Visualization are quite tightly coupled via context - there is a lot of performance optimisation work that went into those two to ensure that viewing the site doesn't immediately chew up resources. This project was started from the excellent react-boilerplate.

church - :church: Church Encoding in JS

  •    Javascript

Church encoding is a way of encoding data using only functions. For instance, we can use functions to represent, booleans, numerals and lists. Higher-order functions are all you need for Turing completeness. Check out the docs.

expreduce - An experimental computer algebra system written in Go

  •    Mathematica

This software is experimental quality and is not currently intended for serious use. There are plenty of more mature open source computer algebra systems to use instead. Now that the kernel understands the product rule, when it later encounters a pattern matching the above LHS, it will recursively apply the product rule until the expression stabilizes.

Calculus.jl - Calculus functions in Julia

  •    Julia

The Calculus package provides tools for working with the basic calculus operations of differentiation and integration. You can use the Calculus package to produce approximate derivatives by several forms of finite differencing or to produce exact derivative using symbolic differentiation. You can also compute definite integrals by different numerical methods. The Calculus package no longer provides routines for univariate numerical integration. Use QuadGK.jl instead.

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