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js - turbo.js - perform massive parallel computations in your browser with GPGPU.

  •    Javascript

turbo.js is a small library that makes it easier to perform complex calculations that can be done in parallel. The actual calculation performed (the kernel executed) uses the GPU for execution. This enables you to work on an array of values all at once. turbo.js is compatible with all browsers (even IE when not using ES6 template strings) and most desktop and mobile GPUs.

KosherCocoa - My Objective-C port of KosherJava

  •    Objective-C

KosherCocoa is library that allows you to use sunrise, sunset, Jewish holidays, and other Hebrew calendar calculations in your app. Clone into the repository.

phpGPX - Simple library for reading and creating GPX files written in PHP.

  •    PHP

Simple library written in PHP for reading and creating GPX files. Library is currently marked as Release Candidate but is already used in production on several project without any problems. Documentation is available using GitHub pages generated by Jekyll.

rink-rs - Unit conversion tool and library written in rust

  •    Rust

Rink is a unit-aware calculator. It can be used for physics and engineering calculations, as well as dimensionality analysis. Rink supports most systems of measurements including SI, CGS, natural, international customary, US customary, UK customary, as well as historical measurements. In addition, Rink supports currency conversions.


  •    CSharp

A library for parsing math expressions with rational numbers, finding their derivatives and compiling an optimal IL code. Worth mentioning that commutative functions (addition and multiplication) taken as function with several nodes for more easy and flexible travers.