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Coral CDN- Content Distribution Network

  •    C++

Coral is a peer-to-peer content distribution network. Sites that run Coral automatically replicate content. Using modern peer-to-peer indexing techniques, CoralCDN will efficiently find a cached object if it exists anywhere in the network.

SQL Velocity


ADO.Net Data Provider layer using Microsoft Velocity to cache SQL Server data.

NFileStorage - Store and access multiple files in a single container C# .NET 3.5

  •    CSharp

Do you still store tons of (big or small) individual resources like pictures on your filesystem which gives headaches each time you deploy or backup? NFileStorage (.NET 3.5) allows quick and easy bundling of your precious files and provides fast integrated accessibility.

Copy to GAC

  •    Assembly

A small Visual Studio 2010 Add-in that enables you to copy your compiled class libraries in the global assembly cache from within the visual studio context menu

SharePoint 2010 Blog Site Archives Web Part

  •    CSharp

This Web Part is an alternative to the current SharePoint 2010 Blog Site Archives Web Part which does not support provisioning of pre-dated posts.


  •    CSharp

A application that can provide detailed information about computer hardware.

FlexiCache for ASP.NET applications

  •    ASPNET

This library provides extended cache capabilities to the ASP.NET applications. It includes the MongoDB and SQL Server output cache providers extending ASP.NET Output Cache capabilities by allowing to store cached data outside of the application process that is especially im...

dV2t Enterprise Library

  •    DotNet

dV2t Enterprise Library: Data, Cache, Security, Utilities, ... Use .NET Framework 2.0 or lates

wp-psr-cache - Object cache implementation for WordPress that acts as an adapter for PSR-6 and PSR-16 caching libraries

  •    PHP

Object cache implementation for WordPress that acts as an adapter for PSR-6 and PSR-16 caching libraries. PSR-6 and PSR-16 are standards established by the PHP-FIG organization. These standards are commonly used in PHP projects of any kind (WordPress is unfortunately an exception), and since this library acts as an adapter, you can use any compatible caching library of your choice with WordPress now. Popular examples include the Symfony Cache Component or Stash.